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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Little Tristan!


I can't help to say, time really flies. For the whole of today, I kept talking to dear about what happened 1 year ago on this day...our dearest baby boy, Little Tristan was born. He is such an adorable boy now and he grew a lot since then.

We had a small celebration for him today. We bought a mini chocolate brownie from Taka and put a mini candle on the brownie and had a mini celebration at home. Just for our own family. It was a small celebration but heart warming.

Let's see how much Little Tristan has grown through this 1 year.


time really flies, one year flashes by juz at a mere wink. to think i had juz witness the birth of this little terror one year ago, but it felt as if it had happened yesterday. the vivid images of his entry process into this world. and now he is already 1 year old !!!

[Update notes to our fans on the new LOTrO (Legend Of TRistan Online) expansion - The Rise of the Little Terror]

LTT's super finishing moves number 1 --- The Banshee Wail
Effects : Cast self targetted AOE fear (5m radius). Stackable with other hostile conditions
Duration : 10 min
Recast timer : None
Casting time : 5 sec

His first wail then, which sounded so unfamiliar and yet heartwarming. His wails now, which sounded so piecing and heart bursting at times. never did i know the first melancholic wail will turn into his best weapon that drives ppl into banging their heads onto walls or pulling hairs frantically not knowing what he wants.

LTT's super finishing moves number 2 --- Irrisistable Smile
Effects : Cast self targetted AOE Mesmerize (5m radius). Removes all other hostile conditions. Cannot be resist.
Duration : 1 min
Recast timer : 10 sec
Casting time : Instant

but one thing remains, his million wattage smiles never fails to light up my days. he can get u so pissed off and when ur about to blow up, he will look at you and give you this smile that you will forget all that pent-up anger and end up smiling together with him.

LTT's super finishing moves number 3 --- Mesmerizing Claps
Effects : Cast 45 degrees frontal arc Mesmerize (5m radius). Removes all other hostile conditions.
Duration : 10 sec
Recast timer : 10 sec
Casting time : 1 sec

adding to his devasting arsenal of super moves is his new Mesmerizing Claps. whenever he needs attention, he will turn himself to face you and start clapping his hands and you will uncontrollably follow his actions.

yup, so these are the new updates that he has developed over this year. thank you for supporting LOTrO (Legend Of TRistan Online) -- [The Birth of the Little Terror] for the past one year. Be assured that we, as developers, hear every voices from our subscribers and will do our best to bring you an even more entertaining online experience. so order now for the new expansion of LOTrO -- [The Rise of the Little Terror] !!! and please, remember to pay your subscriptions !!!