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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy's away

Daddy is away again for 1.5 weeks. We are on our own but surviving well so far. Luckily I have the support from both of our families, if not seriously I don't know how to cope. It is such a blessing to have these support anytime I need. I have seen family without it and it is so hard causing stress on the wife or hubby.

Though this is not the first time dear travels, but we still miss him a lot. We try to webcam every night so that Little Tristan gets to see his daddy. It always put a smile on both their faces when they see each other. So blissful! Little Tristan will get all excited upon seeing daddy. He also learned that whenever daddy is 'in the computer', it means daddy is working. He will go "Daddy work" as and when he thinks of dear.

For us, I guess 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' is true. It kind of like strength our relationship and make us appreciate and love each other more. We will also miss each other a lot and argue or quarrel less whenever he just come back from his trip. But given a choice, I rather he travel less often. Heh =)

Up updates

The outcome of our first family movie: SUCCESS

I wanted to update about the movie outcome last Tuesday. However, Tristan was down with very bad cough the next few days and I had to take care of him so no time for blog. This is the movie that we watched: UP

It is an interesting and entertaining show. But to be honest, I was way too excited to concentrate on the show cause of the fact that it is our first time to bring Little Tristan to the theatre.

The evening started off with me fetching Little Tristan from childcare while dear went for an important meeting. I brought him to T.Mall Ajisen for dinner, one of Little Tristan's favourite ramen. Luckily, throughout the dinner, he did not fuss too much and I managed to feed him rather peacefully. Dear joined us for dinner but we had to rush through it cause we were a little late for the movie already.

We quickly make our way to Century for the show. As I mentioned, we choose the last row, centre column side seats all ready to make our way out if he refused to cooperate. However, Little Tristan was very well-behaved throughout the show! He did not whine or make any noise at all. (I guess partly was because he was tired...heh) He seems to be enjoying the show even though at certain moment he almost fell asleep but he forced himself to keep awake. He was such a sweetie!

We finished watching the show and really enjoyed the night. It was such a wonderful feeling to watch movie as a family.

More movies for Little Tristan! =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Time - Up

Later in the evening, we are bringing Little Tristan to watch the movie *Up*. This is the first time we are bringing him to the theatre, we wonder how he will behave. We bought the centre, last row corner seats. All ready to leave the cinema easily if he refused to stay through the movie.

I feel excited and yet apprehensive on how he will behave later. Let's pray that he will enjoy the movie and be able to stay through the show. If not, we wasted 15 bucks just to see how he behave in a cinema. Worth it?

Shall blog later on how it turn out to be. Cheers!

Sick Season

Little Tristan was sick last week. He had a bad cough and running nose. We brought him to his PD on Tuesday and he was given 2 days MC. Poor boy! Missed childcare on Wednesday and Thursday but back on Friday. I can see that he missed his childcare and very much wanted to go school. interesting! Initially he refused to attend childcare, now he actually misses it.

After he slowly recovered, me and dear's turn to fall sick. Dear self medicated and seems to be alright now. I went to see doc yesterday and was given 2 days of MC. Rested whole of today and I'm much better now, close to 80%-90% recovered. Now just slight sore throat.

Hope that we all recover soon! We want our health back! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

23 months

Yes! Little Tristan is 23 months old. He is going to celebrate his 2 years old birthday next month. Time really flies...I can't help saying this. My Baby Tristan has become Little Tristan, he has grown so much.

He is so special and so amazing! Feel so bless to have him...Daddy and Mummy love you so much! BE a happy and healthy baby!

Little Tristan's birthday wish: **papa train train**
~~Dear, you are going to buy him his train train right? *wink*~~

Childcare Updates

I did not update after the first day he went childcare because after the 2nd day, he was down with high fever. =( We brought him to see a PD and he was given 3 days MC. So his first week in childcare was cut short to only 2 days.

The 2nd week was quite terrible. He cried almost everyday when we sent him to childcare. By 3rd week, he cried less. This week is his 4th week and according to teacher, he is doing well. I'm so proud of him! Recently, I also realised that he started keeping his toys after playing with them. Teacher also commented that he listens to the instruction of keeping toys when told to do.

Overall, he is doing well in childcare and I'm glad that he is adapting well. I just hope he can be more sociable as time goes by.

Monday, August 3, 2009


for nearly 2 years, we have always wanted to name our second son ASHTON. and even thru shits that we went thru, we never gave up. there was once a tot that flashed across my mind, the shit that we went thru, is it becos ashton wasnt a name that is auspicious enough ? even tho i know deep down this is juz an excuse to push the blame, a scapegoat for all the mishaps juz to make me feel better. but i juz cant help feeling so. i have tried thinking of other names but whenever i compared it to the name ASHTON, i juz feel that ashton is so much .... closer. maybe its becos of all the shit that we have gone thru, that makes it even more precious, maybe .......

we still have lotsa time to think it thru tho .... heh

in times like these

everytime i go on business trips, i always experience this wierd feeling. the feeling of knowing that you are missing someone(s) back home and that someone(s) is missing you too. its a very complex feeling. its good cos you feel wanted and that the feeling is mutual. its bad at the same time cos you know that they are so far away even when you can almost imagine they are juz right before your very eyes, running ard and/or nagging at you .. LOL ... but its this feeling that keep you rooted, constantly reminding you of your responsibilities and that watever shit that you are going thru is all worth it, juz to see one more smiles on their faces everyday and to provide them an even slightly better life than today.