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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dedicated to 干妈阿姨 (and my family)

This entry is specially dedicated to Little Tristan's godma, who is my 2nd sister (+also dedicated to my family). She prefers Little Tristan to affectionately call her 干妈阿姨. Rather innovative eh...guess my family just have weird ideas when it comes to how little kids address us. As for me, I asked my two nieces, Adelle and Tongtong to address me as 阿运姐姐阿姨妈咪, quite a mouthful! In fact, they are rather reluctant at first but now we are just so used to it! Haha! =)

Anyway, back to Little Tristan's 干妈阿姨. She took great care of him when I went Tokyo in Dec last year. She went over to my parents' place either in the morning or night to take care of Little Tristan and make sure that everything is ok. Really grateful to her! Of course not forgetting my mum who also put in a lot of effort in taking care of Little Tristan. She actually slept with him throughout my trip, while my poor Dad had to sleep alone! My other family members also helped out in one way or another. I appreciated it very much! It's because of them that I felt more at eased during my trip. Thanks to my family, if anyone of you happened to read this post! Cheers! =)

Enjoy the video...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smiley Baby!

When Little Tristan is in a good mood, it's quite easy to get him to smile or laugh! However, this usually happens in the morning and as those who know us well enough, Bryan and me are not morning people. Nonetheless, occasionally Little Tristan will 'maintain' his good mood till daddy or mummy wakes up to play with him. Snap some really cute pictures when Bryan was playing with him one afternoon...

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Fever Espisode

Little Tristan was down with fever on 21st Jan, Monday after his 5-in-1 jab and rotavirus vaccination. He was still ok in the afternoon but by evening time, his fever has gone up to 37.9°C. I was pretty worried because if it went further up, then we would have to bring him to a doc. In the end, dear went downstair to buy the "Super Cool Baby Cooling Gel Sheet" before going for his tennis session.

I pasted the gel sheet on Tristan's forehead and thought he looked rather cute with it (bad mama! can even think he is cute when he is sick!). However, looking back at the pictures I took, he looked restless and weak, so poor thing! The highest his fever went up to was 38°C which was pretty bad. Luckily, it went down slowly. The entire night, me and dear keep waking up to check whether Little Tristan was ok. I realised that when baby is sick, the parents suffered even more in terms of mentally and physically. =(

See all the pictures, he looked so sad and his lips is super poor baby!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Cereal Episode

I attempted to feed Little Tristan cereal on 21st Jan, Monday. It was actually not my first attempt in feeding him semi-solid food. However, this time round, he took it quite well and try to eat a bit. The first time I gave him Heinz rice cereal but it was quite tasteless so he didn't really like it and keep spitting it out. This time I got some sample from the PD and it's Nestle apple and cranberry cereal. It actually taste quite nice, (I tried it myself also...heehee!) thats why he enjoyed it more!

I fed him with him sitting on his bumbo seat, but after say 5 mins or so, he got frustrated and wanted to get out of it. Naughty naughty! So I had to carry him and feed him at the same time. After the whole 'ordeal', my hand ache! Luckily, when I tried feeding him again yesterday, dear helped with the carrying after the little rascal got pissed off with his bumbo seat again. Anyway, we got him a high chair and hope he will enjoy more sitting in his high chair.

See how he enjoyed his cereal and his pure innocent funny! I can't stop laughing at the pictures myself...HAHAHA!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Series

I did a few collages of Little Tristan's smiling, crying and yawning! It's quite a funny sight. Enjoy the pictures! =)

I will try to update later (if I got the time) on my attempt to feed Little Tristan cereal yesterday and his fever episode (nothing to do with my cereal feeding hor...).

Tristan Stages of Growth

I shall at one go post all the photos of Little Tristan's growth from 1 month to 4 months old. I'm such a lazy mama! Anyway, you all can see the changes yourself.

I'm a bit disappointed that I forgot to jot down the date when I first hear his chuckle. It was a wonderful feeling and the thought of it still melts my heart! From that day onwards, whenever I played with him, I aimed to make him chuckle. If he does, both me and Bryan will have a sense of satisfaction; if he doesn't, we will try our very best to achieve it. Interesting right...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Tristan Full Month Celebration

We celebrated Tristan's full month on the 29th September, Saturday. Yah, I know its not even his full month yet. We celebrated almost 1 week earlier because his actual full month fall on a weekday and we predicted that a lot of people will not be able to attend.

We spilt the celebration into afternoon and night; afternoon is for relatives and night is for friends. I'm glad that the turnout was fantastic! Many of my relatives turn up even though they stayed in the west while I'm like the only one who stayed in the east. Really 给面子 and I appreciate it very much! A lot of our friends turned up as well! It was a great celebration with Bryan and his gang ending the night with lots of drinking! However, by night time, our little star was super cranky but luckily I managed to coax him to sleep! heehee =)

*Sidenote: Shan and Jovie bought a cake for me to celebrate my birthday which falls on the next day. But too bad, Jovie left early so she was not around when the rests celebrated for me. Nonetheless, it was still wonderful with cousins like them.*

I spent half of the afternoon doing up all the tiring! But its worth it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

~5th September 2007~

I know this is rather outdated already, but I just want to post some pictures for keepsake purposes! Anyway, I'm not a person who is good at words, so I would rather let the pictures do the talking!

Pictures of my labour and our little bundle of joy...
{almost forgot to add in this: Mine was induced birth...The labour was 12 hours long!!! So tiring and exhausted!}

Shall upload more pictures later. Going for crab lunch at No Signboard (Geylang) with dear and his friend! I love CRAB!!! Yipee... =)

PHOTOS of Little Tristan~!

This picture was taken when Baby Tristan is 1 day old! ~5th September 2007~
The New Dad and Mum with Baby Tristan!
Baby Tristan smiling away in his sleep...keke!
Baby Tristan with his 姐姐 cousins Adelle & Tongtong! The 3 of them so cute!

So cute!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our family blog

I was just casually asking dear whether we should start a family blog and who knows, he readily agreed to it! So nice! The main purpose of this blog of course is to update more on baby Tristan. Anyway, here is the conversation on how we decide to start the blog and how the name of the blog came about. heehee...check it out!

2 weeks more...sob! says (10:19 PM): shall we start a family blog?
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:19 PM): to update tristan's life?
大哥是对的 ! says (10:19 PM): i dun mind
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:20 PM): but u muz write when u free also leh
大哥是对的 ! says (10:20 PM): kk
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:20 PM): wat name u want?
大哥是对的 ! says (10:21 PM): the legend of tristan
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:21 PM): ????????
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:21 PM): nex time we have other kids how
大哥是对的 ! says (10:21 PM): ermmmm...
大哥是对的 ! says (10:21 PM): the ng dynasty
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:21 PM): LOL
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:21 PM): so wat?
大哥是对的 ! says (10:21 PM): ng dynasty
大哥是对的 ! says (10:21 PM): 黄朝
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:21 PM): ????????
大哥是对的 ! says (10:22 PM): sounds like 皇朝...
大哥是对的 ! says (10:22 PM): hehehehe
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:22 PM): how how how?
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:22 PM): wat u want?
大哥是对的 ! says (10:22 PM): can ah
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:22 PM): decide and i go create one now
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:23 PM): ngdynasty O
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:23 PM): wait
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:23 PM): ngdynasty OR ng-dynasty OR ng_dynasty OR ng.dynasty????????
大哥是对的 ! says (10:24 PM): either - or .
大哥是对的 ! says (10:24 PM): dun underscore
大哥是对的 ! says (10:24 PM): hifen not bad
大哥是对的 ! says (10:24 PM): ng-dynasty
大哥是对的 ! says (10:24 PM): ng.dynasty
大哥是对的 ! says (10:25 PM): both also can
大哥是对的 ! says (10:25 PM): u decide
2 weeks more...sob! says (10:25 PM): OK

I shall upload some of baby Tristan's picture later! Cheers!