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Friday, November 28, 2008

Updates+Sick baby

The lack of updates is due to:

1) Daddy is back so we need to spend more family time together
2) Little Tristan is real sick! (Road to full recovery)

His cough did not fully recover since last time. In the end it got worst and was more terrible than before. We went to try TCM instead since we felt that Western medicine seems to be of not much help. We went to Toa Payoh Eu Yan Sang and a female sinseh attended to us. We were given 3 days of medication and asked to see her in 3 days time. After taking the horrible medicine for 3 days, Little Tristan's cough was still as bad and even developed flu. Despite this, we still went back but we were lucky that another male sinseh attended to us. Again he gave us 3 days of medication but this time round, it seems to take effect. Little Tristan's cough and flu was better than before after taking the medicine.

I went back again today after he finished his 3 days medicine. Today, we were given 5 days of medication after I requested for it. I wouldn't want to go back so fast after 3 days again. As of today, Little Tristan's cough had improved tremendously and he only had slight cough. Hopefully after this 5 days course of medicine he will fully recover.

Our Little Tristan is really a wonderful and good boy. Initially, he hated the medicine which taste horrible and bitter. After we analyse with him that this medicine would help him recover, he will take it willingly without struggle. It is such an ease to feed him medicine these days. Such an adorable boy! =p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 15 - Daddy IS Home!

Daddy is finally back home! We miss you so much!

We brought Little Tristan to see the doc regarding his persistent cough. Doc said not to worry too much and prescribed some medicine for him. Hopefully his cough will be clear within 1 to 2 weeks if not we have to go back to the doc again. Let's pray for his full recovery!

Little Tristan had a fall at my parents' place today. His front teeth hit against his lips and resulted in two holes which bleed quite badly. He was in shocked and was crying badly. I coaxed him and distracted him using his fishes and he calm down after some time. Poor baby, his lower lips was swollen. Luckily, he was still able to drink his milk.

Oh Yipee, daddy is back!

P.S: We love you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 14 - Daddy's not home

Dear is finally coming back tomorrow morning and we will go to the airport to fetch him. We love to bring Little Tristan to the airport because there are a lot of open space for him to roam around. We can see that he loves to go there too! The previous time we brought him there was when we sent his Daddy off. He had a great time making me walked around with him as that time he still need support in walking. I guess tomorrow morning, while in his dreamy state, he will be happy roaming around.

I have fully recovered from my illness but Little Tristan is still having cough. I'm considering bringing him to see doc again tomorrow, will discuss with dear again. And yeah, finally you are coming back! We both miss you so much!

Here's a photo of Little Tristan wearing a romper which my third sister bought for him when she went Hong Kong for holiday some time back. The word on the romper reads "Don't bug me!". It is a very cute romper and see Little Tristan with a 'good-boy' look in it.

P.S: We miss you x 14! Yeah Yeah! Daddy, you are finally coming back! =p

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 13 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan woke up very early in the morning around 7+ am so my parents brought him along for their morning breakfast. I heard from my mum that he had fun walking around in the supermarket. They came back around 9+ am.

Then at 10+ am, my mum, Leona, Adelle, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went to Macdonalds for breakfast. We wanted to see how much Little Tristan will enjoy himself but guess what, he fell asleep on the journey there and slept throughout while we were having our meals. I carried him on one hand and ate my breakfast using the other hand. I'm pretty good in doing things using one hand after I had him. Heh!

Little Tristan only woke up after we left Mac. Haha, so much for all the fun at Macdonalds. He missed out all that. We went back to my parents' place after that and lazed around there for the entire afternoon. We went home after our dinner and Little Tristan was pretty tired and he fell asleep around 9 pm.

P.S: Daddy, we misssssss youuuuu x 13! Love you tooooo!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 12 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan was very well-behaved in class today. He paid attention most of the time and was able to sit on his chair for the entire session. He is making improvement every lesson. Well done, boy! However, I discovered something, I think he does not like to do colouring. When he was given the crayon to colour a strawberry, he threw away the crayon! I really wonder what is the problem; he dislikes colouring; he dislikes the colour purple; or he don't know what is it all about? Anyway, we will know the answer as he grows older.

We went to my parents' place after Little Tristan's Shichida class. Initially, he was very shy and seems to be unfamiliar with the places, his cousins, Adelle and Tongtong and his godma. After a while, he got used to them and his environment. Then he started walking around and playing with them. I took a video and shall upload on one of the days.

We went Swensen for dinner with my sister, Leona (Little Tristan's godma), Adelle, Tongtong and of course, Little Tristan. The purpose was to celebrate Adelle's birthday. We had fun eating the ice-cream and Little Tristan was also having fun eating whatever we are eating. We avoided giving him the ice-cream due to his cough but he kept making the 'eek eek' sound wanting us to give him. It was an interesting sight. Little Tristan also had fun walking around the Plaza.

P.S: Daddy, Mummy and I miss you a lot x 12!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 11 - Daddy's not home

It's finally Friday! 4 more days and dear will be back! Little Tristan and I really miss Daddy a lot. When we webcam, I can see that Little Tristan has that longing look and always wonder why Daddy is inside the computer and not out playing with him. He is always so sticky to Daddy when Daddy is in Singapore even though he has been travelling so often for the past few months. It is the bond between them.

Oh, thanks to everyone who asked about Little Tristan! He is much better already. I finally can have a good rest after all the torture for the past few days. And, yes, I'm feeling better too! Thanks all! Hope dear will recover soon too!

Here is a cute photo of Little Tristan:
P.S: Daddy, I misssssssss you x 11! We love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 10 - Daddy's not home

This is what I saw when I came home after work today. I quickly grab the camera and take video of our Little Tristan. Dear, this video is for you to cheer up your day! =)

Little Tristan decided to walk all by himself today at 14 months 1 day old!
--6th November 2008--
What a sweet and lovely day! =)

P.S: Daddy I miss you a lot x 10! Love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 9 - Daddy's not home

I had a shock this morning when I woke up. I was awaken by some 'bang', 'bang' sound. Little Tristan was using the alarm clock and banging it on the dvd player. He had climbed out of my bed safely (I hope so!) and was standing there creating some sound to wake his dear mummy up! I was shocked and amazed by what he did. He was sleeping on my bed for the past few days because he was cranky and it was easier for me to coax or carry him in the middle of the night when he woke up.

However, after this incident, I decided, it's better for him to sleep in his own bed. Who knows what will happen on other days if I were to continue putting him on my bed. He is getting cleverer each day. I'm not surprised if he were to open the sliding door and walk/crawl to the living room on one of the days. He is at this stage where he is imitating whatever that I'm doing. So nowadays, I had to be careful of what I do at home. Just the other day, I pressed the ON button of the dvd player in front of him and gosh! He has been pressing the ON button for the past few days on his own. Dear, I think we have to replace with a new dvd player soon. Haha!

Thanks to all those who show concern about his illness! He is feeling much better today. His running nose is slightly better and his cough has improved also! I think he should recover soon with his medication. As for me, I'm also better by eating lots of panadol. =)

Little Tristan is 14 months as of today! Time flies yeah!
He can:
1) walk on his own for a short distance
2) call mama and papa and popo and ah ma
3) know where his tummy tummy is
4) clap very enthusiatically
5) throw tantrum (best!)
6) on and off the fan and tv (recently, dvd player too!)
7) beat mummy when he is unhappy (I don't know why, guess he loves to bully me! =( )
8) lots of other things that mummy is too lazy to list.......

P.S: Daddy, we miss you x 9! I'm feeling slightly better! Come back fast fast!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 8 - Daddy's not home

Yesterday night was again another disturbed night. Little Tristan woke up several times either crying or fussing and I had to coax him back to sleep. On one or two occasion, I was so tired that I couldn't wake up and my mum woke up instead. I'm so lucky to have her with me!

I went for a full day seminar today and was quite worried about Little Tristan. I tried calling my mum but just can't get her and thought something was wrong with my house phone. End up, when I went home to check, it was my handphone which was giving the problem. Restart my handphone and problem solve.

Little Tristan was coughing badly when I reached home in the evening. He couldn't eat his porridge at all. My mum went home around 6+ as my brother-in-law came to fetch him. After feeding Little Tristan his medicine and milk, I wanted to read some books to him and coax him to sleep. However, he cough so badly that he vomitted all the milk he had just drank onto my bed while I was reading to him. He was so uncomfortable and I can see he felt really bad about it. He coo and 'complain' about how uncomfortable he is but he did not cry. My really brave boy! I clean up for him and fed him a little milk because with all the milk out, he must be hungry. He was tired after all these and fell asleep after that.

I hope he gets a good night sleep tonight and me too! We both need the rest badly!

Oh, I realise I have not been blogging anything happy for the past few posts. Let me think, guess the only happy thing is Little Tristan is more clingy and sticky to me recently. Is that good or bad? Haha!

P.S: Daddy, I miss you so so much x 8! Me and mummy sick! =(

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 7 - Daddy's not home

Last night was slightly more peaceful than the previous few nights. Little Tristan still woke up a few times feeling uneasy and needed some coaxing but the difference is at least he don't wail or scream while in a sleeping state. I still did not get my proper night sleep and was feeling super lethargic at work today.

After work, I went NTUC to get some grocery. Then rush home to see how Little Tristan is. He is still having his flu but it is no longer the watery, colourless kind. Now it had evolve to the greenish and yellowish type. He is still as cranky just like the past few days. He even hurt himself around the chin area because of a knock against the table.

I guess taking care of him and with no proper night sleep is taking a toil on me. I can feel the flu bug is creeping on me and the body ache that comes with it. My nose is like a running tap now. I popped a few flu medicine and hope that I get better tomorrow. I don't want to fall sick! I need to be strong for my boy!

I don't think I sound very coherent now. This entry don't seem to link properly. I think I need to rest now.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 7! I'm still sick!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 6 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan's flu is getting worse. Yesterday, his mucus was clear but today it became yellowish and greenish. Initially, I wanted to head home earlier so that I can give him his medication.

Due to circumstances, I had to visit his great-grandpa who is in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I brought him along with me but he did not go into the hospital because we felt that it is not a good idea to bring him in. I rotated with my mum to take care of Little Tristan and to see my grandpa. Little Tristan's great-grandpa's health is not on the bright side but we really hope he gets well and is able to go home soon.

As for Little Tristan, his flu and his on and off fever is making him super cranky and uncomfortable. After dinner at my parent's place, we quickly head home together with my mum. She is going to help me look after Little Tristan for 2 days while I am at work. We fed him medicine but he is still as uncomfortable and cranky. My poor baby!

My dear boy boy, mummy hope you recover soon! Mummy loves you and is heartpain to see you suffer.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 6! I hate flu! Sob!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 5 - Daddy's not home

When I woke up today, I saw Little Tristan with two strings of mucus down his nose. He was still playing and behaving normally so I thought it was not serious and just some morning mucus. I brought him to his Shichida class as usual. He was behaving very well during class today even with his mucus coming out occasionally. Well done, baby!

We went home straight after class and by evening, his strings of mucus just keep flowing out. This is Bad! He is down with flu again! Arggggggggg! He just recovered from flu not too long ago. It was flu then diarrhoea then now flu again! My poor boy! We had no medication with us except his diarrhoea medicine which he does not need as he had recovered from diarrhoea.

He refused to sleep at night and wanted his po po and me to play with him. We tried to coax him to sleep instead but he cried and screamed for the entire night just like a few nights ago. It lasted from 8+ till 11+ pm and he was so tired by then that he finally fell asleep after I cuddle him and carried him for hours. It was a horrible night! But that was not the end of it! In the middle of the night, he woke up many times and even developed a fever. I couldn't sleep well for the night and keep waking up because of his cries.

I'm going crazy soon if this is going to continue. I really hope he gets better soon.

His daddy is going to extend his stay till 11th November, Tuesday. Sob!

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 5! Come back fast, I am very uncomfortable! Boohoo!