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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby lingo

now that LTT is already 2 yrs and 3 mths old, he is picking up whatever things that he hears from ppl ard him. in short, he is behaving like a parrot now. so have to be careful of my choice of words. am controlling myself not to answer any phonecalls infront of him in fear that i may splat out all those "%^&#@!!#~@!!!" out w/o me knowing.

the one on CLOCK :
LTT's pronounciation of CLOCK : COCK
he was playing with his elder niece with her handphone and he is very much facinated by clocks. and his niece's handphone can change the size of the clock in her handphone. so there they are playing happily in the car and with LTT laughing away blabbering ... "See ... BIG COCK, SMALL COCK, NO MORE COCK .........." i try to correct him on several occasions and i can see that he IS conciously making an effort too. but on and off we will still hear " papa, i want cock, i want see cock ....." and its a bit embarrassing in the public with all the passerbys giving me the wierd stares like i am some sick paedophillic father .......

LTT's favourite phase : DUN WANT
he has absolutely no problem in understanding the meaning and the usage of this phase. and sometimes, a bit irritating when all his answers were " dun want .... "

LTT's up and coming favourite phase : I WANT
he has learnt to make requests. but when all his requests were marked with I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT .... after some time, it sounds more like a command than a request. am slowly trying to correct him to say " may i .... " or " can i ....." but only when he is consciously reminded to. other than that, its .... " i want ......"

he has learnt to dictate what he likes. he will force me to cycle thru all the tracks from the cd in my car with " dun want this ... dun want .... dun want this ....." until i hear a " this okay .... " then will he stop all the shouting. and surprisingly, he can know which song it is just from listening to the starting melody. and the sequence of the songs in the cd too ..........................

he is learning to sing all those nursery rhymes with his own variation of the lyrics ...... tho i have to admit its due to his unique pronunciation ....
" baa baa back shit haf u emi oooooo ......."
" twiggle twiggle little tar ......"

will try to think of all the compilation of his pronunciation and post them up. shall leave you guys here atm .....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birth of Ashton Ng - 22nd December 2009

Ashton's birth story (updating since still fresh in memory)

Woke up late this morning. Suppose to reach TMC at 8am but I woke up at 8.15am. Actually I didn't sleep well cause my ribcage were quite painful due to some pressure since 6 something. I was just lazing on my bed waiting for my alarm to go off. But for whatever reason, my alarm did ring but was very soft. So I jumped out of bed at 8.15am. *Late!*

Quickly sent boy and maid to PIL's place. Time was around 8.45am.
Reach TMC at 9.30+/-am.
9.45 am -- Wait for admission, went to Labour ward. This labour ward is smaller than the one that I delivered Tristan.
10 am -- Enema administered to help me with my bowel. Put on drip for induction and antibiotics.
10.30 am -- Dr Chua arrived to break waterbag and check for dilation. Waterbag broke but NO water came out. Amazing?! Was shock actually and was waiting for slightest water to flow out but really NONE. Dilation was 2 cm. Had breakfast after Dr Chua left.
10.30 am - 12 pm -- Not much pain. Still bearable.
12+ pm - Contraction become stronger. Start using laughing gas.
12+ pm - 2 pm -- Control pain using laughing gas.
2 pm -- Dr Chua came to do VE check and 4 - 5 cm dilated. Good news cause I'm dilating! The gas and constant reminder to relax helps. But did request for a jab at the thigh which I think is call pethidine. (Kinda regretted cause seems like right after the injection, the contraction was strong and it didn't help much)
2+ pm - 3 pm -- Contraction pain became more and more intense. Keep using the laughing gas and do deep breathing. Nurses constantly came in to check dilation. 7 - 8 cm... 8 - 9cm... Ready! I was high on laughing gas and like hallucinating due to the pain.
3 pm - 3.15 pm -- Did some pushing and nurse asked me to stop cause they are asking Dr Chua to come. With don't know how many pushes, Ashton was DELIVERED! (Think 7 -8 pushes or 9 - 10 pushes? I can't remember...)

I did it without epidural! I'm proud of myself cause that was what I wanted all along but I couldn't endure the pain when I had Tristan. For Ashton, I mentally prepared myself for the pain and was able to better 'control' it. At the last few pushes, I was still telling Dr Chua "I don't want already", "I don't want already"! She was telling me "Cannot don't want already, you are half way through"... Haha! What was I thinking... but seriously the pain at that moment was like I'm being torn apart. Anyway, everything is over already.

Ashton was born really dry, no water came out even at delivery and he didn't had much of the whitish stuff on him also. However, most important is he is alright and healthy. =)
* 2.91 kg and 49 cm*

~We are now the proud Daddy and Mummy of Tristan and Ashton! ~

22nd December 2009 Tuesday

Time check now is 2.52 am.
In about another 5 hours time, I will be at Thomson Medical Centre.

Went for my routine check yesterday (21st Dec) at 39.5 wks. Baby Ashton actual EDD is on 24th December 2009 Thursday (Christmas EVE!). I'm trying to avoid an induction which I did for Tristan as I felt that the pain is so unbearable that I had to opt for epidural. I wanted to have a feel of onset of natural birth where bb decides to come out on his own by either show, contraction or waterbag burst.

However, after the check, we have decided to induce (again?!) Ashton due to low fluid in waterbag. Dr Chua did a VE yesterday and I'm 2 cm dilated so the good news is I don't have to insert any pill for the dilation part. But going through another induction, I have no faith in myself that I will not opt for epidural again. Sighz. Anyway, must always remind myself that most important is both bb and me is safe! Jia you! Jia you!

Gotta go sleep now, dear is 'nagging' already. Later no strength to 'push' hard hard! :)
Wish me luck everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lack of Updates

Many updates for the past months...

but due to lack of time and laziness, I have been dragging the updates.

Will do so in the next few days. *hopefully*

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Tristan!
Happy Birthday to you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY our Little Tristan! Daddy and Mummy wish you be a happy and healthy boy boy!

~ Love you so much! muacks! ~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy's away

Daddy is away again for 1.5 weeks. We are on our own but surviving well so far. Luckily I have the support from both of our families, if not seriously I don't know how to cope. It is such a blessing to have these support anytime I need. I have seen family without it and it is so hard causing stress on the wife or hubby.

Though this is not the first time dear travels, but we still miss him a lot. We try to webcam every night so that Little Tristan gets to see his daddy. It always put a smile on both their faces when they see each other. So blissful! Little Tristan will get all excited upon seeing daddy. He also learned that whenever daddy is 'in the computer', it means daddy is working. He will go "Daddy work" as and when he thinks of dear.

For us, I guess 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' is true. It kind of like strength our relationship and make us appreciate and love each other more. We will also miss each other a lot and argue or quarrel less whenever he just come back from his trip. But given a choice, I rather he travel less often. Heh =)

Up updates

The outcome of our first family movie: SUCCESS

I wanted to update about the movie outcome last Tuesday. However, Tristan was down with very bad cough the next few days and I had to take care of him so no time for blog. This is the movie that we watched: UP

It is an interesting and entertaining show. But to be honest, I was way too excited to concentrate on the show cause of the fact that it is our first time to bring Little Tristan to the theatre.

The evening started off with me fetching Little Tristan from childcare while dear went for an important meeting. I brought him to T.Mall Ajisen for dinner, one of Little Tristan's favourite ramen. Luckily, throughout the dinner, he did not fuss too much and I managed to feed him rather peacefully. Dear joined us for dinner but we had to rush through it cause we were a little late for the movie already.

We quickly make our way to Century for the show. As I mentioned, we choose the last row, centre column side seats all ready to make our way out if he refused to cooperate. However, Little Tristan was very well-behaved throughout the show! He did not whine or make any noise at all. (I guess partly was because he was tired...heh) He seems to be enjoying the show even though at certain moment he almost fell asleep but he forced himself to keep awake. He was such a sweetie!

We finished watching the show and really enjoyed the night. It was such a wonderful feeling to watch movie as a family.

More movies for Little Tristan! =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Time - Up

Later in the evening, we are bringing Little Tristan to watch the movie *Up*. This is the first time we are bringing him to the theatre, we wonder how he will behave. We bought the centre, last row corner seats. All ready to leave the cinema easily if he refused to stay through the movie.

I feel excited and yet apprehensive on how he will behave later. Let's pray that he will enjoy the movie and be able to stay through the show. If not, we wasted 15 bucks just to see how he behave in a cinema. Worth it?

Shall blog later on how it turn out to be. Cheers!

Sick Season

Little Tristan was sick last week. He had a bad cough and running nose. We brought him to his PD on Tuesday and he was given 2 days MC. Poor boy! Missed childcare on Wednesday and Thursday but back on Friday. I can see that he missed his childcare and very much wanted to go school. interesting! Initially he refused to attend childcare, now he actually misses it.

After he slowly recovered, me and dear's turn to fall sick. Dear self medicated and seems to be alright now. I went to see doc yesterday and was given 2 days of MC. Rested whole of today and I'm much better now, close to 80%-90% recovered. Now just slight sore throat.

Hope that we all recover soon! We want our health back! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

23 months

Yes! Little Tristan is 23 months old. He is going to celebrate his 2 years old birthday next month. Time really flies...I can't help saying this. My Baby Tristan has become Little Tristan, he has grown so much.

He is so special and so amazing! Feel so bless to have him...Daddy and Mummy love you so much! BE a happy and healthy baby!

Little Tristan's birthday wish: **papa train train**
~~Dear, you are going to buy him his train train right? *wink*~~

Childcare Updates

I did not update after the first day he went childcare because after the 2nd day, he was down with high fever. =( We brought him to see a PD and he was given 3 days MC. So his first week in childcare was cut short to only 2 days.

The 2nd week was quite terrible. He cried almost everyday when we sent him to childcare. By 3rd week, he cried less. This week is his 4th week and according to teacher, he is doing well. I'm so proud of him! Recently, I also realised that he started keeping his toys after playing with them. Teacher also commented that he listens to the instruction of keeping toys when told to do.

Overall, he is doing well in childcare and I'm glad that he is adapting well. I just hope he can be more sociable as time goes by.

Monday, August 3, 2009


for nearly 2 years, we have always wanted to name our second son ASHTON. and even thru shits that we went thru, we never gave up. there was once a tot that flashed across my mind, the shit that we went thru, is it becos ashton wasnt a name that is auspicious enough ? even tho i know deep down this is juz an excuse to push the blame, a scapegoat for all the mishaps juz to make me feel better. but i juz cant help feeling so. i have tried thinking of other names but whenever i compared it to the name ASHTON, i juz feel that ashton is so much .... closer. maybe its becos of all the shit that we have gone thru, that makes it even more precious, maybe .......

we still have lotsa time to think it thru tho .... heh

in times like these

everytime i go on business trips, i always experience this wierd feeling. the feeling of knowing that you are missing someone(s) back home and that someone(s) is missing you too. its a very complex feeling. its good cos you feel wanted and that the feeling is mutual. its bad at the same time cos you know that they are so far away even when you can almost imagine they are juz right before your very eyes, running ard and/or nagging at you .. LOL ... but its this feeling that keep you rooted, constantly reminding you of your responsibilities and that watever shit that you are going thru is all worth it, juz to see one more smiles on their faces everyday and to provide them an even slightly better life than today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moments like these ...

there are times in life when we encounter certain moments that are simply unfathomable. as with LTT : the moment he first came to this world, the first time he look me in the eye and called me "papa", his first baby step on his own and ....... today, his first day of school!

its the first time i can experience how my mum felt when she accompanied me to my first day in school. i was even more excited than him when we were there. standing by the classroom's window looking at him, cheering and encouraging him, assuring him that everything is ok, marking every potential bully, scheming on how i will reciprocate whatever foul plays the kid will do to LTT back to his/her parents ...

there were a few occasions when i saw this b*****d walked up to LTT and push him + hit him on his head (I dunno about LTT, but i HATE anyone who hits my head) and thoughts of revenge start brewing in my mind. thinking on how i would love to tie that b*****d to the legs of a table, pour honey all over him and put him under an ants-infested tree. muahahhahahahahha
think i should go undercover and get a "cleaning" job at the child care center to take care of pests that may grow up and threatens the safety of the society.

anyway ...... parents, do try to accompany ur kid to their first day in school, childcare or whatever classes, its a kind of experience that you will regret if you were to ever miss it.

LTT's first day of school ? == I'M LOVING IT ==

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day of Chilcare

Today is the first day of childcare for Little Tristan at Agape Little Uni. So how did he fair?

We woke up a little late and sent him there around 9.10 am. The children there were already singing National Anthem as assembly started at 9 am. I went in with him and stayed there for about 1 hour. During that hour, he tried to walk around to familiarize himself and played with the toys there.
(Don't you think he looks cute in his green uniform? I find him so adorable! =) By the way, green is his favourite colour!)

After seeing that he is slowly adapting to the environment, I spoke to him that I had to leave for a while. I left him there with his teacher and went off for breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop with dear.

We went to peek at Little Tristan around 11.15 am and the teacher told us that he was looking for me after I left and he had been crying since then. My poor boy! So dear had to go into the classroom to comfort and assure him. He calmed down and had his lunch with his classmates around 11.30 am. He tried to self-feed upon seeing other children self-feeding. It was an amusing sight. I guess this is call peer pressure. Haha! Even though he still needed his teacher’s help most of the time, we felt that it was good progress for him already.

After his lunch, he took his bath with the help of teacher and me. He was quite cooperative during the bathing session; I believe it was because I was around. When we told him that he was leaving, he was very happy and said good-bye to everyone. Then we left the childcare centre.

Hopefully, tomorrow Little Tristan will adapt better and stay slightly longer at the childcare centre. My aim is to fetch him home after the afternoon nap which is around 3 pm. Keeping my fingers, toes and hair cross! Pray hard! Heh...

Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Years Anniversary - 070709

We celebrated our 10 years couple anniversary at Sentosa on the 7th July 2009. We brought Little Tristan along with us as we wanted to spend more time with him. We went to Underwater World and this was the 2nd time that we brought Little Tristan there. He did not enjoy himself as much as the previous time because he was pretty tired and needed his afternoon nap. He tried to endure and managed to walk through the whole Underwater World before he fell asleep when we took a bus to Dolphin Lagoon.

At Dolphin Lagoon, Little Tristan was so enchanted by the pink dolphins that he sat quietly watching the entire performance. We went to Barnacles for our dinner and it was a pretty delectable meal. The ambience was romantic and I was telling dear that we should go another time with just the two of us or a few couples.

We spent the night at Rasa Sentosa Hotel. This time, Little Tristan slept soundly without too much fuss. Dear and Little Tristan had some bonding time on the bed before he fell asleep. I always love to see father and son spending some bonding and quality time together. It was such a blessing sight to see them cuddle and ‘disturbing’ each other.

The next day, we had our buffet breakfast at Silver Shell Café. After that, we brought Little Tristan for a swim and initially he was afraid of the water since it has been a long time that he swam. After some coaxing and forcing, he was happily playing and walking in the pool. We went up to the hotel for a bath and head home around noon time.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and memorable anniversary! We all had a great time together!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jacob Ballas with Baby Yenn

We invited Mun and Cindy with Baby Kah Yenn to our house for lunch on one of the Friday. After the delicious lunch (cooked by dear), we decided to bring the 2 babies to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Little Tristan enjoyed himself so much at the water area that he refused to leave. We had to coax him before he left unwillingly. As for Baby Kah Yenn, she was so captivated by the greenery that she refused to nap even when she was very tired.

I was telling Cindy that we must make time for this kind of gathering often, as seeing the children enjoyed themselves makes our day too!

Friday, July 3, 2009

BBQ+Fathers' Day Celebration - Pasir Ris Chalet

We celebrated Fathers' Day by having 3 days 2 nights chalet at Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris). We had a BBQ with my family on the first night and had lots of fun. Little Tristan was over-stimulated that he cried very badly for that night.

The next morning, Mum, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went for a stroll at the beach. We also let Little Tristan had his first taste of riding on a bicycle. He insisted riding upon seeing his Tongtong jiejie riding on it. So Mum and Tongtong had a hard time holding him and balancing the bicycle. It was quite amusing.

In the afternoon, parents-in-law brought Javier (Tristan's cousin) to the chalet and we went to Escape Theme Park. The children had a lot of fun but it was tiring for the adults as we had to run after them. They sat on a few rides suitable for their age and also drove motor cars. After that, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Downtown East.

We decided not to stay for the 2nd night at the chalet after the terrible crying experience. So we went home and it was a right decision as Little Tristan slept soundly for that night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Food with Love

I do cook lunch for Little Tristan occasionally when I'm in the mood. It is always so fulfilling when he enjoyed the food that I cooked for him. Recently, I cooked ABC soup with alphabets macaroni which the entire family enjoyed eating. I felt so satisfied seeing Little Tristan and dear enjoying their lunch. The whole pot of ABC soup was finished during lunch time which I initially intend to keep some for dinner.

Look at how Little Tristan enjoying his lunch with love.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby watching baby

Here's a video on Little Tristan watching himself when he was a baby.

Childcare 2

Thank you all for your comments!

We have decided. We will be sending Little Tristan to childcare. But seriously, I wonder how he will response to childcare. Let's pray that everything will be smooth. I have yet to register him but will do so soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm thinking of sending Little Tristan to childcare soon. Reason being that I hope he can be more independent and learn more. I realise his speech development is a little slow for his age and he is pretty dependent on us to do a lot of things for him. I hope being in childcare, he can learn more things and be more independent.

I'm still contemplating and couldn't make a decision because he is currently taken care of by my parent-in-laws. I'm afraid they may have the wrong idea that I think they are not doing a good job. In fact, it is because they have done a good job which is why I'm still reluctant on the childcare arrangement.

The childcare that I'm thinking of sending him to is Agape Little Uni @ Tampines. It is not that cheap as the monthly fee is close to $500 after subsidy so the cost part is also another consideration. I'm going to check out the childcare centre soon and make a decision after that. Will update once I decide on what to do.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

3rd Year Anniversary - 060609

Today marks our 3rd year wedding anniversary! Time really flies...

Before I forgot, I need to write down for the past two years and this year, how did we spend our wedding anniversaries.

First year - 060607
We went Vivocity for shopping and had dinner at Fig & Olives. Dear bought me a diamond pendant and I bought him clothes from AX. I was 6+ months pregnant with Little Tristan at that time.

Second year - 060608
We went Hong Kong for holiday, just the two of us. We wanted to spend our wedding anniversary at The Peak, however due to weather forecast, we went on the 4th June instead. It was a wise choice as on the 6th June, it rain for the entire day and we just shop around and spend the day in shopping centres.

Third year - 060609 (today!)
We spend the afternoon at home and later brought Little Tristan to his Shichida class. After that, we left him at parents-in-laws' place and headed to Raffles City. We had dinner at Inagiku Restaurant at Fairmont Singapore Hotel. It is those high class Japanese restaurant but since dear has 'Feed at Raffles' card, we had 50% off our bill. We only spend 90+ bucks for the dinner. Quite worth it considering it is a high class restaurant. After the dinner, we went off to fetch Little Tristan home.

We have been married for 3 years now and Little Tristan is coming to 2 years old. He is our achievement as he is our seed of love.

More anniversaries to look forward to and more seeds of love too! =)

Friday, June 5, 2009

21 months old

Our Little Tristan is 21 months = 1 year 9 months old today! In 3 months time, he will celebrate his 2 years old birthday. Our boy boy has grow so much over the months. We love it when he call us 'papa' and 'mama'. It just melts our heart...

Papa and Mama love you, baby!
~Be a happy and healthy baby~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you!

After reading the posts by me and dear, a number of friends were very concern about us. They either drop a message in our blog or msn and even sms me and ask me how things are. I really appreciate all these concerns.

~Thank you!~

We are fine and coping well. Both of us know that things will turn out fine eventually. In any case, I believe that when you are at the bottom of a pit, the only way is to climb up. So things will start to brighten up and most importantly, life goes on no matter what happened.

Moreover, we have the support of our family so that help us a lot. They have provided us with all the help and strength for us to go through this period of time.

We are strong and things will be fine! Cheers! We love Little Tristan and miss him a lot. =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

warning to all advertisers

this is a private blog for friends and families. so please do not spam our site with ur advertisements. show some respect for others. if you want, please acquire permissions from the owners. as said, i will send YOUR urls to ALL the leading spam filters on the internet if anyone ever advertise here again w/o our acknowledgement.

singapore airlines customer service

date : 12-may-2009, Venue : Taipei

1945 hrs : called singapore airlines customer service to change departure dates

2005 hrs : someone picked up the phone. i proceed to make changes for 3 reservations.

2030 hrs : i am still holding the line for the changes.

2032 hrs : ordeal over

sia charges for changing the reservations : SGD $190
IDD charges for the change of reservations : 47 min x $5 / min = SGD$235.

time to look for other airlines. GOOD LUCK to all SQ flyers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

祸不单行 !!!

why do problems always come in zergs? cannot queue up and come one at a time meh ?
sigh ... no matter how well you plan, u will still be caught wif your pants down at times ...
计划永远也赶不上变化 ... how true ...

i will overcome all obstacles !!! more DOTS ! more DOTS ! more AOEs, more ! more ! more !

i miss my babiessssssssss


i miss my babies ... it gets harder each time i go overseas ...


--- Life ---

Dear has been away for 5 days. Little Tristan and I miss you a lot. Life has been hard without you around, all the inconvenienced and decision that has to be made.

Life has not been that wonderful recently especially with dear not being around. The lucky thing is my family is there for me. There are so great and helpful and help me settle a lot of my problems. I'm really fortunate to be in this family and enjoy the feeling of having such a big family. My cousin is also another important person in my life. She is there for me when I need someone as well. They are all wonderful people!

I guess I should be more positive cause there are so many people who dote and care about me. Life is not that hard afterall. Stay positive and cheer up!

Little Tristan, I miss you! Mummy loves you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 months old!

I just realise a while ago when I'm updating the blog that today marks the day that Little Tristan is 20 months old = 1 year & 8 months old! Gosh, he is such a big boy already but I still feel that he is a baby to me. I can't imagine people telling me that he is consider a toddler cause in my heart he is still such a baby in everything. He is still having this babyish look and don't look like a toddler at all.

At 20 months old, Little Tristan can call most of his close ones and enjoy walking on his own.
- He loves to watch variety shows and his songs dvd.
- He is eating 2 main meals + 2 to 3 feed of milk per day.
- He enjoys cuddling with me and dear and is currently sleeping on our bed at night.
- His favourite animals are fish, bird and dog.
- His favourite dish is fish.
- His favourite colour is green. (yiks, Daddy hates this ironical! :p)
- His favourite parent is Daddy. (don't worry, i'm not jealous)
- He loves flash cards.

The lists just goes on...too many for me to name. Cheers! =)

Daddy's away again

Daddy went Taiwan for business trip from 4th May 2009 (Monday) - 14th May 2009 (Thursday). We miss you a lot already. Little Tristan has been asking for Daddy these 2 days when he woke up in the morning. Every time, I will reply him that Papa went to work. I guess he more or less understands that point.

Each time dear went overseas, I have to take on major responsibility for the family. I had to juggle my life between family, work and boy. It is definitely not an easy task and I am lucky to have support from family members.

Anyway, Little Tristan has been growing well and good. He shows all his likes and dislikes through his reactions.
Likes = smiling, laughing or wanting something
Dislikes = crying or throwing tantrums
He has been such an adorable baby that all of us love him so much! (except when he is throwing tantrums...=D)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Little Tristan really melts my heart last night. Recently, he has been calling Ma Ma more frequently rather than Pa Pa.

Last night, we were both lying on my bed watching tv and he was sucking his pacifier as usual. Out of a sudden, he removed his pacifier and stared at me and called out "Maa... Maa". I frozed for a moment and started kissing and telling him how happy I was. He was smiling at me but refused to call me another time when I asked him to. I was thrilled by his action though.

I feel so blessed to have him. My wonderful baby!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the driving force

watching LTT grow up everyday is a feeling thats unfathomable. there were nites where i watch him sleep, his sleeping pose and his little movements juz warms my heart. frankly speaking, i wasnt really prepared for his arrival, neither was i anticipating all these little touching moments. but his appearance has complete this circle and added a driving force in my life to provide him and this family a better life.

now and then i will imagine how i was like when i was young. and many a times i will try to figure whats actually going thru his mind, and there were times where i can feel that he can sense it too and shy away asking me not to intrude into his little private bubble. LOL.

he is learning how to speak now. on and off he will add new words to his dictionary and will keep repeating the word to himself. every morning when he wakes up in his bed, he will recite all the words that he knows, trying his best to perfect the pronunciation. i enjoy the times lying beside him listening to his practice.

oh yah, we juz shaved his head ... again. and man how hard he cried during the whole ordeal. lol.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here Comes The Botak Boy!

I'm finally free today to upload Little Tristan's botak pictures. I took all these pictures on Wednesday, two days after he shaved his head.

Isn't he cute? I just can't help but keep stroking his head whenever I see him after work. Both me and dear also love to kiss his botak head now.

P.S: We finally brought him for his MMR vaccination at the Polyclinic yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't develop fever after 5 days (that's what the nurse said, fever will only come between the 5th to 7th day after the jab).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Botak Botak

It has been a long time since I update this blog.
A new year, a new start. Apparently, life is still pretty much the same for me, as busy as ever and no time for little Tristan.

Anyway, as the title says it all, we brought Little Tristan for a hair cut yesterday at Parkway Parade Sri Nada which cost us $10.

And... we cut all his hair!

Now he is a Little Botak! =D

He is like a baby cute and adorable, and funny. I really miss his baby days but of course I also love him as he is now. Will post some pictures of him when I get the chance. (I wonder when) So cute!