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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby lingo

now that LTT is already 2 yrs and 3 mths old, he is picking up whatever things that he hears from ppl ard him. in short, he is behaving like a parrot now. so have to be careful of my choice of words. am controlling myself not to answer any phonecalls infront of him in fear that i may splat out all those "%^&#@!!#~@!!!" out w/o me knowing.

the one on CLOCK :
LTT's pronounciation of CLOCK : COCK
he was playing with his elder niece with her handphone and he is very much facinated by clocks. and his niece's handphone can change the size of the clock in her handphone. so there they are playing happily in the car and with LTT laughing away blabbering ... "See ... BIG COCK, SMALL COCK, NO MORE COCK .........." i try to correct him on several occasions and i can see that he IS conciously making an effort too. but on and off we will still hear " papa, i want cock, i want see cock ....." and its a bit embarrassing in the public with all the passerbys giving me the wierd stares like i am some sick paedophillic father .......

LTT's favourite phase : DUN WANT
he has absolutely no problem in understanding the meaning and the usage of this phase. and sometimes, a bit irritating when all his answers were " dun want .... "

LTT's up and coming favourite phase : I WANT
he has learnt to make requests. but when all his requests were marked with I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT .... after some time, it sounds more like a command than a request. am slowly trying to correct him to say " may i .... " or " can i ....." but only when he is consciously reminded to. other than that, its .... " i want ......"

he has learnt to dictate what he likes. he will force me to cycle thru all the tracks from the cd in my car with " dun want this ... dun want .... dun want this ....." until i hear a " this okay .... " then will he stop all the shouting. and surprisingly, he can know which song it is just from listening to the starting melody. and the sequence of the songs in the cd too ..........................

he is learning to sing all those nursery rhymes with his own variation of the lyrics ...... tho i have to admit its due to his unique pronunciation ....
" baa baa back shit haf u emi oooooo ......."
" twiggle twiggle little tar ......"

will try to think of all the compilation of his pronunciation and post them up. shall leave you guys here atm .....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birth of Ashton Ng - 22nd December 2009

Ashton's birth story (updating since still fresh in memory)

Woke up late this morning. Suppose to reach TMC at 8am but I woke up at 8.15am. Actually I didn't sleep well cause my ribcage were quite painful due to some pressure since 6 something. I was just lazing on my bed waiting for my alarm to go off. But for whatever reason, my alarm did ring but was very soft. So I jumped out of bed at 8.15am. *Late!*

Quickly sent boy and maid to PIL's place. Time was around 8.45am.
Reach TMC at 9.30+/-am.
9.45 am -- Wait for admission, went to Labour ward. This labour ward is smaller than the one that I delivered Tristan.
10 am -- Enema administered to help me with my bowel. Put on drip for induction and antibiotics.
10.30 am -- Dr Chua arrived to break waterbag and check for dilation. Waterbag broke but NO water came out. Amazing?! Was shock actually and was waiting for slightest water to flow out but really NONE. Dilation was 2 cm. Had breakfast after Dr Chua left.
10.30 am - 12 pm -- Not much pain. Still bearable.
12+ pm - Contraction become stronger. Start using laughing gas.
12+ pm - 2 pm -- Control pain using laughing gas.
2 pm -- Dr Chua came to do VE check and 4 - 5 cm dilated. Good news cause I'm dilating! The gas and constant reminder to relax helps. But did request for a jab at the thigh which I think is call pethidine. (Kinda regretted cause seems like right after the injection, the contraction was strong and it didn't help much)
2+ pm - 3 pm -- Contraction pain became more and more intense. Keep using the laughing gas and do deep breathing. Nurses constantly came in to check dilation. 7 - 8 cm... 8 - 9cm... Ready! I was high on laughing gas and like hallucinating due to the pain.
3 pm - 3.15 pm -- Did some pushing and nurse asked me to stop cause they are asking Dr Chua to come. With don't know how many pushes, Ashton was DELIVERED! (Think 7 -8 pushes or 9 - 10 pushes? I can't remember...)

I did it without epidural! I'm proud of myself cause that was what I wanted all along but I couldn't endure the pain when I had Tristan. For Ashton, I mentally prepared myself for the pain and was able to better 'control' it. At the last few pushes, I was still telling Dr Chua "I don't want already", "I don't want already"! She was telling me "Cannot don't want already, you are half way through"... Haha! What was I thinking... but seriously the pain at that moment was like I'm being torn apart. Anyway, everything is over already.

Ashton was born really dry, no water came out even at delivery and he didn't had much of the whitish stuff on him also. However, most important is he is alright and healthy. =)
* 2.91 kg and 49 cm*

~We are now the proud Daddy and Mummy of Tristan and Ashton! ~

22nd December 2009 Tuesday

Time check now is 2.52 am.
In about another 5 hours time, I will be at Thomson Medical Centre.

Went for my routine check yesterday (21st Dec) at 39.5 wks. Baby Ashton actual EDD is on 24th December 2009 Thursday (Christmas EVE!). I'm trying to avoid an induction which I did for Tristan as I felt that the pain is so unbearable that I had to opt for epidural. I wanted to have a feel of onset of natural birth where bb decides to come out on his own by either show, contraction or waterbag burst.

However, after the check, we have decided to induce (again?!) Ashton due to low fluid in waterbag. Dr Chua did a VE yesterday and I'm 2 cm dilated so the good news is I don't have to insert any pill for the dilation part. But going through another induction, I have no faith in myself that I will not opt for epidural again. Sighz. Anyway, must always remind myself that most important is both bb and me is safe! Jia you! Jia you!

Gotta go sleep now, dear is 'nagging' already. Later no strength to 'push' hard hard! :)
Wish me luck everyone!