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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walking? -- Not yet

I'm still waiting for the swimming photographs from my dearest sister. Hope to get them soon.

I think in the previous post I mentioned that Little Tristan has got 4 teeth coming out, but no no no, we found out these few days that it is actually 5 teeth popping at the same time. So excited! He looks so different when he smiles nowadays.

He is learning to stand without support at times when he feels like it. I managed to see him doing it last sat before his Shichida class. He stand for a few seconds without support and I felt so proud of him. I just can't wait for the day when he started walking, but think I will have another set of headache when that day comes. Oh, I may even slim down further cause I have to chase after him.

He is also making a lot more sounds and noise these days. Previously, he is a pretty quiet baby that I thought is quite unusual. Luckily he is more 'talkative' and noisy these days and it set my heart at ease. He will go 'ee ee', 'ah ah', 'eh eh' etc, it is actually quite funny and sometimes he tried to communicate with us with his baby language which we find it very amusing.

I will try to upload more recent photos of him the next time I blog. Still trying very hard to snap pictures of him smiling or laughing with his small little teeth showing. So cute...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Latest Update: Baby Tristan is 11.2 kg as of 2 weeks ago.

Did I ever mentioned that he is also teething? He had 4 teeth coming out at the same time. Finally!!! Anyway, he looks different now whenever he smiles or laughs. He is growing so fast by the days that I almost cannot catch up with his growth.

We brought him swimming 2 Saturdays ago. Snapped quite a few pictures but the photos are with my sister so will update when I get the pictures from her.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We brought Baby Tristan swimming sometime end of march and early april so this post is like 3 months overdue. Heh...nonetheless, I still want to write about it because we finally brought him swimming on 2 separate occasions and another time just dipping in the water for a while. I think he likes to swim based on my observation. However, he needs time to get use to the water temperature before he can enjoy himself. I'm quite keen to bring him for a swim soon but need to arrange with my cousin, Val and see when she is free. Hopefully, I can have more updates on his swimming session soon.

First real swimming session:

See how happy Baby Tristan is!
The beautiful red hat doesn't belongs to Baby Tristan. It's either his cousin, Chloe's or Charlize's.

Second swimming session:

Noelle, my third sister is the one carrying him in this picture. Yes, she is pregnant and due anytime from now. We are all waiting patiently for Baby Sophie to arrive soon.

Oh, yah, I'm getting his swim suit soon. I don't think it is a good idea to let him wear his normal clothes for swimming, he may catch a cold. So hopefully, the next time I post his swimming session, he will be in his new swim suit! So cool.