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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Daddy not home – Day 2

Ashton woke up quite a few times last night for milk...makes me so tired.
I brought him to a Positive Infant Trial class at Tanglin Shopping Centre in the afternoon and he enjoyed himself very much. However, I'm not going to continue with the lesson as it is on weekdays.

Tristan suddenly developed a fever which hovers around 37 deg to 38 deg at night. He had a very disturbed sleep for the entire night and of course it also means my sleep were not well. I send him to school around 10am after I fed him paracetamol and his fever came down.
However, teacher called and said he was feverish in the afternoon so I went to fetch him around 4pm.

I brought him home and monitor his temperature. He was cranky but luckily his fever can be controlled by medication. Anyway, now he is sleeping but keep waking up to cry on and off.
I'm thinking of sending him to see his pd tomorrow as I suspect his fever is due to UTI. He did complain that he had pain around his genital area. Will see how tomorrow morning.

Going to zzz now but guess is sleepless night again whenever our child has fever...

~Miss you dear~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daddy not home – Day 1

Ashton slept slightly earlier the night before but then he woke up quite a few times in the middle of the night for milk. Overall, he was pretty well-behaved for the entire day.

As for Tristan, this morning, he woke up at 7.30 am screaming and crying saying that he wanted to go to the playground. I assured him that I will ask my sister and his Adelle jie jie and Tong Tong jie jie to bring him to playground this weekend. He replied ok but was still crying loudly.

Me: I asked them to bring you to playground this weekend ok?
Tristan: *sobbing badly* OK
Me: Then stop crying already
Tristan: *continues to cry out loud*… don’t want mama, don’t want mama…
Me: Tristan, mama loves you ok, so stop crying.
Tristan: *continues to cry*…
Me: Aiyah, you continue crying la, I go sleep already.

I went back to my bed and continue my sleep. I sub-consciously hear his cry and the next moment when I woke up; he was already back to his lala land.

Friday, January 8, 2010

~Closing of 2009~

2009 just went passed like that. Let me recall some events that happened in each of the month.

January 2009 – Chinese New Year month. We invited my family and dear's family over for steamboat-cum-BBQ dinner on separate occasions. It was a great gathering and we were thinking of having it next year again. :)

February 2009 – Usual working month. V-day, we just watched a movie.

March 2009 – Usual working month.

April 2009 – The month that I saw the "+" sign and was very happy! Dear was overseas when I told him about it and when he came back, he quickly bought the test kit again for me to confirm. It was a REAL positive and we arrange to see the gynae as soon as possible. :)

May 2009 – I was hospitalised for 1 week cause of bleeding externally and also bleeding of placenta. I had to have the oil-based jab daily for 2 weeks. Painful ah! Anyway, it was a bad time to be hospitalised. Hospital only allowed 2 visitors at a time due to H1N1, dear was overseas and couldn't come back, parents went Japan for travelling and Livia was helping the girls with exams. Noelle was pregnant also so not too convenient for her to come. Luckily, I still have bro and Leona. Leona came everyday to visit me and bought food for me at times also. It was so tiring for her that I think she fell sick after I was discharged. Opps! Dear managed to rush back the night before I was discharged and he stayed with me for the last night in TMC. I took hospitalisation leave after I was discharged.

June 2009 – I was on hospitalisation leave. Was resting at home most of the time. Luckily, bb Ashton was growing well during this period.

July 2009 – We sent Little Tristan to childcare at Agape Little Uni. It was horrible for the first 2-3 weeks. He was either sick or cry very badly whenever we sent him to school. It was pretty heartbreaking for me but it got better as time goes by. He slowly got used to it.

August 2009 – Backed to work. Busy busy! Did my detailed scan. BB Ashton is doing well! Little Tristan started to fall sick quite often as he caught all the virus in school. Bleh... :(

September 2009 – We celebrated Tristan 2 years old birthday for this month. Had 3 celebrations:
1. Had celebration with the Sept 2007 babies at Tampines One Amore Centre. Only a few of us attended but it was a good gathering meeting the mummies and letting the kiddies play with each other.
2. With his Shichida classmates. Guiwei bought some cupcakes and Emily packed some goodie bags for the kiddies. It was a mini celebration but was fun though.
3. Booked a private room at Yan Palace for celebration with my family and dear's family. Little Tristan was sick on that day but can see that he tried to bear with the uncomfortable feeling and tried to enjoy himself. We even had a karaoke session in the room. Left around 11+ pm and by then Little Tristan had fell asleep.
September is also my birthday month. Celebrated my big 3 birthday (actual day) with my sisters cause dear was not free. We had dinner at Seah Street Deli. But dear managed to rush back home in time and bought a cake back to celebrate with me. Strawberry cake...yummy! Actually dear did celebrate with me but just a day earlier and we had dinner at Halia Restaurant at Botanic Garden. :)

October 2009 – Dear's birthday month. I booked a room at Marina Mandarin for one night. It was an eventful night. We had buffet dinner at the hotel and went back to the room after that. Little Tristan developed a high fever of 40 deg celcius and we rushed him to KKH. We were there from 11+pm till next morning 4+am. We went back to the hotel room and I celebrated dear's birthday with a few slices of cake. :)

November 2009 – Dear had to travel very often as he can't travel after I reached my 37 weeks. I'm in my last lap already. 3rd trimester and getting all the aches here and there and also getting pretty heavy.

December 2009 – I was lucky to have holiday for this month to rest. It was the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Dear was still travelling till my week 37 before he could have a break. Stopped Little Tristan's Shichida class as I cannot accompany him for lesson once bb Ashton is out. I delivered Baby Ashton on 22nd December through induced birth. I was discharged from TMC on 24th Dec – Xmas Eve and was at home doing my confinement on Christmas Day. There was no celebration for me but with dear, Tristan and Baby Ashton with me is already a blessing. :)

Hope that 2010 will be a good year for my family and friends! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby lingo

now that LTT is already 2 yrs and 3 mths old, he is picking up whatever things that he hears from ppl ard him. in short, he is behaving like a parrot now. so have to be careful of my choice of words. am controlling myself not to answer any phonecalls infront of him in fear that i may splat out all those "%^&#@!!#~@!!!" out w/o me knowing.

the one on CLOCK :
LTT's pronounciation of CLOCK : COCK
he was playing with his elder niece with her handphone and he is very much facinated by clocks. and his niece's handphone can change the size of the clock in her handphone. so there they are playing happily in the car and with LTT laughing away blabbering ... "See ... BIG COCK, SMALL COCK, NO MORE COCK .........." i try to correct him on several occasions and i can see that he IS conciously making an effort too. but on and off we will still hear " papa, i want cock, i want see cock ....." and its a bit embarrassing in the public with all the passerbys giving me the wierd stares like i am some sick paedophillic father .......

LTT's favourite phase : DUN WANT
he has absolutely no problem in understanding the meaning and the usage of this phase. and sometimes, a bit irritating when all his answers were " dun want .... "

LTT's up and coming favourite phase : I WANT
he has learnt to make requests. but when all his requests were marked with I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT .... after some time, it sounds more like a command than a request. am slowly trying to correct him to say " may i .... " or " can i ....." but only when he is consciously reminded to. other than that, its .... " i want ......"

he has learnt to dictate what he likes. he will force me to cycle thru all the tracks from the cd in my car with " dun want this ... dun want .... dun want this ....." until i hear a " this okay .... " then will he stop all the shouting. and surprisingly, he can know which song it is just from listening to the starting melody. and the sequence of the songs in the cd too ..........................

he is learning to sing all those nursery rhymes with his own variation of the lyrics ...... tho i have to admit its due to his unique pronunciation ....
" baa baa back shit haf u emi oooooo ......."
" twiggle twiggle little tar ......"

will try to think of all the compilation of his pronunciation and post them up. shall leave you guys here atm .....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birth of Ashton Ng - 22nd December 2009

Ashton's birth story (updating since still fresh in memory)

Woke up late this morning. Suppose to reach TMC at 8am but I woke up at 8.15am. Actually I didn't sleep well cause my ribcage were quite painful due to some pressure since 6 something. I was just lazing on my bed waiting for my alarm to go off. But for whatever reason, my alarm did ring but was very soft. So I jumped out of bed at 8.15am. *Late!*

Quickly sent boy and maid to PIL's place. Time was around 8.45am.
Reach TMC at 9.30+/-am.
9.45 am -- Wait for admission, went to Labour ward. This labour ward is smaller than the one that I delivered Tristan.
10 am -- Enema administered to help me with my bowel. Put on drip for induction and antibiotics.
10.30 am -- Dr Chua arrived to break waterbag and check for dilation. Waterbag broke but NO water came out. Amazing?! Was shock actually and was waiting for slightest water to flow out but really NONE. Dilation was 2 cm. Had breakfast after Dr Chua left.
10.30 am - 12 pm -- Not much pain. Still bearable.
12+ pm - Contraction become stronger. Start using laughing gas.
12+ pm - 2 pm -- Control pain using laughing gas.
2 pm -- Dr Chua came to do VE check and 4 - 5 cm dilated. Good news cause I'm dilating! The gas and constant reminder to relax helps. But did request for a jab at the thigh which I think is call pethidine. (Kinda regretted cause seems like right after the injection, the contraction was strong and it didn't help much)
2+ pm - 3 pm -- Contraction pain became more and more intense. Keep using the laughing gas and do deep breathing. Nurses constantly came in to check dilation. 7 - 8 cm... 8 - 9cm... Ready! I was high on laughing gas and like hallucinating due to the pain.
3 pm - 3.15 pm -- Did some pushing and nurse asked me to stop cause they are asking Dr Chua to come. With don't know how many pushes, Ashton was DELIVERED! (Think 7 -8 pushes or 9 - 10 pushes? I can't remember...)

I did it without epidural! I'm proud of myself cause that was what I wanted all along but I couldn't endure the pain when I had Tristan. For Ashton, I mentally prepared myself for the pain and was able to better 'control' it. At the last few pushes, I was still telling Dr Chua "I don't want already", "I don't want already"! She was telling me "Cannot don't want already, you are half way through"... Haha! What was I thinking... but seriously the pain at that moment was like I'm being torn apart. Anyway, everything is over already.

Ashton was born really dry, no water came out even at delivery and he didn't had much of the whitish stuff on him also. However, most important is he is alright and healthy. =)
* 2.91 kg and 49 cm*

~We are now the proud Daddy and Mummy of Tristan and Ashton! ~