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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you!

After reading the posts by me and dear, a number of friends were very concern about us. They either drop a message in our blog or msn and even sms me and ask me how things are. I really appreciate all these concerns.

~Thank you!~

We are fine and coping well. Both of us know that things will turn out fine eventually. In any case, I believe that when you are at the bottom of a pit, the only way is to climb up. So things will start to brighten up and most importantly, life goes on no matter what happened.

Moreover, we have the support of our family so that help us a lot. They have provided us with all the help and strength for us to go through this period of time.

We are strong and things will be fine! Cheers! We love Little Tristan and miss him a lot. =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

warning to all advertisers

this is a private blog for friends and families. so please do not spam our site with ur advertisements. show some respect for others. if you want, please acquire permissions from the owners. as said, i will send YOUR urls to ALL the leading spam filters on the internet if anyone ever advertise here again w/o our acknowledgement.

singapore airlines customer service

date : 12-may-2009, Venue : Taipei

1945 hrs : called singapore airlines customer service to change departure dates

2005 hrs : someone picked up the phone. i proceed to make changes for 3 reservations.

2030 hrs : i am still holding the line for the changes.

2032 hrs : ordeal over

sia charges for changing the reservations : SGD $190
IDD charges for the change of reservations : 47 min x $5 / min = SGD$235.

time to look for other airlines. GOOD LUCK to all SQ flyers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

祸不单行 !!!

why do problems always come in zergs? cannot queue up and come one at a time meh ?
sigh ... no matter how well you plan, u will still be caught wif your pants down at times ...
计划永远也赶不上变化 ... how true ...

i will overcome all obstacles !!! more DOTS ! more DOTS ! more AOEs, more ! more ! more !

i miss my babiessssssssss


i miss my babies ... it gets harder each time i go overseas ...


--- Life ---

Dear has been away for 5 days. Little Tristan and I miss you a lot. Life has been hard without you around, all the inconvenienced and decision that has to be made.

Life has not been that wonderful recently especially with dear not being around. The lucky thing is my family is there for me. There are so great and helpful and help me settle a lot of my problems. I'm really fortunate to be in this family and enjoy the feeling of having such a big family. My cousin is also another important person in my life. She is there for me when I need someone as well. They are all wonderful people!

I guess I should be more positive cause there are so many people who dote and care about me. Life is not that hard afterall. Stay positive and cheer up!

Little Tristan, I miss you! Mummy loves you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 months old!

I just realise a while ago when I'm updating the blog that today marks the day that Little Tristan is 20 months old = 1 year & 8 months old! Gosh, he is such a big boy already but I still feel that he is a baby to me. I can't imagine people telling me that he is consider a toddler cause in my heart he is still such a baby in everything. He is still having this babyish look and don't look like a toddler at all.

At 20 months old, Little Tristan can call most of his close ones and enjoy walking on his own.
- He loves to watch variety shows and his songs dvd.
- He is eating 2 main meals + 2 to 3 feed of milk per day.
- He enjoys cuddling with me and dear and is currently sleeping on our bed at night.
- His favourite animals are fish, bird and dog.
- His favourite dish is fish.
- His favourite colour is green. (yiks, Daddy hates this ironical! :p)
- His favourite parent is Daddy. (don't worry, i'm not jealous)
- He loves flash cards.

The lists just goes on...too many for me to name. Cheers! =)

Daddy's away again

Daddy went Taiwan for business trip from 4th May 2009 (Monday) - 14th May 2009 (Thursday). We miss you a lot already. Little Tristan has been asking for Daddy these 2 days when he woke up in the morning. Every time, I will reply him that Papa went to work. I guess he more or less understands that point.

Each time dear went overseas, I have to take on major responsibility for the family. I had to juggle my life between family, work and boy. It is definitely not an easy task and I am lucky to have support from family members.

Anyway, Little Tristan has been growing well and good. He shows all his likes and dislikes through his reactions.
Likes = smiling, laughing or wanting something
Dislikes = crying or throwing tantrums
He has been such an adorable baby that all of us love him so much! (except when he is throwing tantrums...=D)