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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moments like these ...

there are times in life when we encounter certain moments that are simply unfathomable. as with LTT : the moment he first came to this world, the first time he look me in the eye and called me "papa", his first baby step on his own and ....... today, his first day of school!

its the first time i can experience how my mum felt when she accompanied me to my first day in school. i was even more excited than him when we were there. standing by the classroom's window looking at him, cheering and encouraging him, assuring him that everything is ok, marking every potential bully, scheming on how i will reciprocate whatever foul plays the kid will do to LTT back to his/her parents ...

there were a few occasions when i saw this b*****d walked up to LTT and push him + hit him on his head (I dunno about LTT, but i HATE anyone who hits my head) and thoughts of revenge start brewing in my mind. thinking on how i would love to tie that b*****d to the legs of a table, pour honey all over him and put him under an ants-infested tree. muahahhahahahahha
think i should go undercover and get a "cleaning" job at the child care center to take care of pests that may grow up and threatens the safety of the society.

anyway ...... parents, do try to accompany ur kid to their first day in school, childcare or whatever classes, its a kind of experience that you will regret if you were to ever miss it.

LTT's first day of school ? == I'M LOVING IT ==

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day of Chilcare

Today is the first day of childcare for Little Tristan at Agape Little Uni. So how did he fair?

We woke up a little late and sent him there around 9.10 am. The children there were already singing National Anthem as assembly started at 9 am. I went in with him and stayed there for about 1 hour. During that hour, he tried to walk around to familiarize himself and played with the toys there.
(Don't you think he looks cute in his green uniform? I find him so adorable! =) By the way, green is his favourite colour!)

After seeing that he is slowly adapting to the environment, I spoke to him that I had to leave for a while. I left him there with his teacher and went off for breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop with dear.

We went to peek at Little Tristan around 11.15 am and the teacher told us that he was looking for me after I left and he had been crying since then. My poor boy! So dear had to go into the classroom to comfort and assure him. He calmed down and had his lunch with his classmates around 11.30 am. He tried to self-feed upon seeing other children self-feeding. It was an amusing sight. I guess this is call peer pressure. Haha! Even though he still needed his teacher’s help most of the time, we felt that it was good progress for him already.

After his lunch, he took his bath with the help of teacher and me. He was quite cooperative during the bathing session; I believe it was because I was around. When we told him that he was leaving, he was very happy and said good-bye to everyone. Then we left the childcare centre.

Hopefully, tomorrow Little Tristan will adapt better and stay slightly longer at the childcare centre. My aim is to fetch him home after the afternoon nap which is around 3 pm. Keeping my fingers, toes and hair cross! Pray hard! Heh...

Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Years Anniversary - 070709

We celebrated our 10 years couple anniversary at Sentosa on the 7th July 2009. We brought Little Tristan along with us as we wanted to spend more time with him. We went to Underwater World and this was the 2nd time that we brought Little Tristan there. He did not enjoy himself as much as the previous time because he was pretty tired and needed his afternoon nap. He tried to endure and managed to walk through the whole Underwater World before he fell asleep when we took a bus to Dolphin Lagoon.

At Dolphin Lagoon, Little Tristan was so enchanted by the pink dolphins that he sat quietly watching the entire performance. We went to Barnacles for our dinner and it was a pretty delectable meal. The ambience was romantic and I was telling dear that we should go another time with just the two of us or a few couples.

We spent the night at Rasa Sentosa Hotel. This time, Little Tristan slept soundly without too much fuss. Dear and Little Tristan had some bonding time on the bed before he fell asleep. I always love to see father and son spending some bonding and quality time together. It was such a blessing sight to see them cuddle and ‘disturbing’ each other.

The next day, we had our buffet breakfast at Silver Shell Café. After that, we brought Little Tristan for a swim and initially he was afraid of the water since it has been a long time that he swam. After some coaxing and forcing, he was happily playing and walking in the pool. We went up to the hotel for a bath and head home around noon time.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and memorable anniversary! We all had a great time together!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jacob Ballas with Baby Yenn

We invited Mun and Cindy with Baby Kah Yenn to our house for lunch on one of the Friday. After the delicious lunch (cooked by dear), we decided to bring the 2 babies to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Little Tristan enjoyed himself so much at the water area that he refused to leave. We had to coax him before he left unwillingly. As for Baby Kah Yenn, she was so captivated by the greenery that she refused to nap even when she was very tired.

I was telling Cindy that we must make time for this kind of gathering often, as seeing the children enjoyed themselves makes our day too!

Friday, July 3, 2009

BBQ+Fathers' Day Celebration - Pasir Ris Chalet

We celebrated Fathers' Day by having 3 days 2 nights chalet at Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris). We had a BBQ with my family on the first night and had lots of fun. Little Tristan was over-stimulated that he cried very badly for that night.

The next morning, Mum, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went for a stroll at the beach. We also let Little Tristan had his first taste of riding on a bicycle. He insisted riding upon seeing his Tongtong jiejie riding on it. So Mum and Tongtong had a hard time holding him and balancing the bicycle. It was quite amusing.

In the afternoon, parents-in-law brought Javier (Tristan's cousin) to the chalet and we went to Escape Theme Park. The children had a lot of fun but it was tiring for the adults as we had to run after them. They sat on a few rides suitable for their age and also drove motor cars. After that, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Downtown East.

We decided not to stay for the 2nd night at the chalet after the terrible crying experience. So we went home and it was a right decision as Little Tristan slept soundly for that night.