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Friday, December 19, 2008

Missing You!

I am writing this entry from Taipei Garden Hotel in Taiwan. Both me and dear miss Little Tristan a lot! How are you my dearest boy boy? Hope everything is alright for you, we really miss you so so much. I have become so attach to you that I did not enjoy myself as much as I should have. My dearest boy boy, mummy and daddy love you.

We will be back very soon. See you this Sunday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

-- Away --

No updates for the time being.

Daddy and Mummy are away for holiday in Taiwan from 11th December 2008, Thursday to 21st December 2008, Sunday.

We miss you so much, Little Tristan!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Updates+Sick baby

The lack of updates is due to:

1) Daddy is back so we need to spend more family time together
2) Little Tristan is real sick! (Road to full recovery)

His cough did not fully recover since last time. In the end it got worst and was more terrible than before. We went to try TCM instead since we felt that Western medicine seems to be of not much help. We went to Toa Payoh Eu Yan Sang and a female sinseh attended to us. We were given 3 days of medication and asked to see her in 3 days time. After taking the horrible medicine for 3 days, Little Tristan's cough was still as bad and even developed flu. Despite this, we still went back but we were lucky that another male sinseh attended to us. Again he gave us 3 days of medication but this time round, it seems to take effect. Little Tristan's cough and flu was better than before after taking the medicine.

I went back again today after he finished his 3 days medicine. Today, we were given 5 days of medication after I requested for it. I wouldn't want to go back so fast after 3 days again. As of today, Little Tristan's cough had improved tremendously and he only had slight cough. Hopefully after this 5 days course of medicine he will fully recover.

Our Little Tristan is really a wonderful and good boy. Initially, he hated the medicine which taste horrible and bitter. After we analyse with him that this medicine would help him recover, he will take it willingly without struggle. It is such an ease to feed him medicine these days. Such an adorable boy! =p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 15 - Daddy IS Home!

Daddy is finally back home! We miss you so much!

We brought Little Tristan to see the doc regarding his persistent cough. Doc said not to worry too much and prescribed some medicine for him. Hopefully his cough will be clear within 1 to 2 weeks if not we have to go back to the doc again. Let's pray for his full recovery!

Little Tristan had a fall at my parents' place today. His front teeth hit against his lips and resulted in two holes which bleed quite badly. He was in shocked and was crying badly. I coaxed him and distracted him using his fishes and he calm down after some time. Poor baby, his lower lips was swollen. Luckily, he was still able to drink his milk.

Oh Yipee, daddy is back!

P.S: We love you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 14 - Daddy's not home

Dear is finally coming back tomorrow morning and we will go to the airport to fetch him. We love to bring Little Tristan to the airport because there are a lot of open space for him to roam around. We can see that he loves to go there too! The previous time we brought him there was when we sent his Daddy off. He had a great time making me walked around with him as that time he still need support in walking. I guess tomorrow morning, while in his dreamy state, he will be happy roaming around.

I have fully recovered from my illness but Little Tristan is still having cough. I'm considering bringing him to see doc again tomorrow, will discuss with dear again. And yeah, finally you are coming back! We both miss you so much!

Here's a photo of Little Tristan wearing a romper which my third sister bought for him when she went Hong Kong for holiday some time back. The word on the romper reads "Don't bug me!". It is a very cute romper and see Little Tristan with a 'good-boy' look in it.

P.S: We miss you x 14! Yeah Yeah! Daddy, you are finally coming back! =p

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 13 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan woke up very early in the morning around 7+ am so my parents brought him along for their morning breakfast. I heard from my mum that he had fun walking around in the supermarket. They came back around 9+ am.

Then at 10+ am, my mum, Leona, Adelle, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went to Macdonalds for breakfast. We wanted to see how much Little Tristan will enjoy himself but guess what, he fell asleep on the journey there and slept throughout while we were having our meals. I carried him on one hand and ate my breakfast using the other hand. I'm pretty good in doing things using one hand after I had him. Heh!

Little Tristan only woke up after we left Mac. Haha, so much for all the fun at Macdonalds. He missed out all that. We went back to my parents' place after that and lazed around there for the entire afternoon. We went home after our dinner and Little Tristan was pretty tired and he fell asleep around 9 pm.

P.S: Daddy, we misssssss youuuuu x 13! Love you tooooo!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 12 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan was very well-behaved in class today. He paid attention most of the time and was able to sit on his chair for the entire session. He is making improvement every lesson. Well done, boy! However, I discovered something, I think he does not like to do colouring. When he was given the crayon to colour a strawberry, he threw away the crayon! I really wonder what is the problem; he dislikes colouring; he dislikes the colour purple; or he don't know what is it all about? Anyway, we will know the answer as he grows older.

We went to my parents' place after Little Tristan's Shichida class. Initially, he was very shy and seems to be unfamiliar with the places, his cousins, Adelle and Tongtong and his godma. After a while, he got used to them and his environment. Then he started walking around and playing with them. I took a video and shall upload on one of the days.

We went Swensen for dinner with my sister, Leona (Little Tristan's godma), Adelle, Tongtong and of course, Little Tristan. The purpose was to celebrate Adelle's birthday. We had fun eating the ice-cream and Little Tristan was also having fun eating whatever we are eating. We avoided giving him the ice-cream due to his cough but he kept making the 'eek eek' sound wanting us to give him. It was an interesting sight. Little Tristan also had fun walking around the Plaza.

P.S: Daddy, Mummy and I miss you a lot x 12!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 11 - Daddy's not home

It's finally Friday! 4 more days and dear will be back! Little Tristan and I really miss Daddy a lot. When we webcam, I can see that Little Tristan has that longing look and always wonder why Daddy is inside the computer and not out playing with him. He is always so sticky to Daddy when Daddy is in Singapore even though he has been travelling so often for the past few months. It is the bond between them.

Oh, thanks to everyone who asked about Little Tristan! He is much better already. I finally can have a good rest after all the torture for the past few days. And, yes, I'm feeling better too! Thanks all! Hope dear will recover soon too!

Here is a cute photo of Little Tristan:
P.S: Daddy, I misssssssss you x 11! We love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 10 - Daddy's not home

This is what I saw when I came home after work today. I quickly grab the camera and take video of our Little Tristan. Dear, this video is for you to cheer up your day! =)

Little Tristan decided to walk all by himself today at 14 months 1 day old!
--6th November 2008--
What a sweet and lovely day! =)

P.S: Daddy I miss you a lot x 10! Love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 9 - Daddy's not home

I had a shock this morning when I woke up. I was awaken by some 'bang', 'bang' sound. Little Tristan was using the alarm clock and banging it on the dvd player. He had climbed out of my bed safely (I hope so!) and was standing there creating some sound to wake his dear mummy up! I was shocked and amazed by what he did. He was sleeping on my bed for the past few days because he was cranky and it was easier for me to coax or carry him in the middle of the night when he woke up.

However, after this incident, I decided, it's better for him to sleep in his own bed. Who knows what will happen on other days if I were to continue putting him on my bed. He is getting cleverer each day. I'm not surprised if he were to open the sliding door and walk/crawl to the living room on one of the days. He is at this stage where he is imitating whatever that I'm doing. So nowadays, I had to be careful of what I do at home. Just the other day, I pressed the ON button of the dvd player in front of him and gosh! He has been pressing the ON button for the past few days on his own. Dear, I think we have to replace with a new dvd player soon. Haha!

Thanks to all those who show concern about his illness! He is feeling much better today. His running nose is slightly better and his cough has improved also! I think he should recover soon with his medication. As for me, I'm also better by eating lots of panadol. =)

Little Tristan is 14 months as of today! Time flies yeah!
He can:
1) walk on his own for a short distance
2) call mama and papa and popo and ah ma
3) know where his tummy tummy is
4) clap very enthusiatically
5) throw tantrum (best!)
6) on and off the fan and tv (recently, dvd player too!)
7) beat mummy when he is unhappy (I don't know why, guess he loves to bully me! =( )
8) lots of other things that mummy is too lazy to list.......

P.S: Daddy, we miss you x 9! I'm feeling slightly better! Come back fast fast!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 8 - Daddy's not home

Yesterday night was again another disturbed night. Little Tristan woke up several times either crying or fussing and I had to coax him back to sleep. On one or two occasion, I was so tired that I couldn't wake up and my mum woke up instead. I'm so lucky to have her with me!

I went for a full day seminar today and was quite worried about Little Tristan. I tried calling my mum but just can't get her and thought something was wrong with my house phone. End up, when I went home to check, it was my handphone which was giving the problem. Restart my handphone and problem solve.

Little Tristan was coughing badly when I reached home in the evening. He couldn't eat his porridge at all. My mum went home around 6+ as my brother-in-law came to fetch him. After feeding Little Tristan his medicine and milk, I wanted to read some books to him and coax him to sleep. However, he cough so badly that he vomitted all the milk he had just drank onto my bed while I was reading to him. He was so uncomfortable and I can see he felt really bad about it. He coo and 'complain' about how uncomfortable he is but he did not cry. My really brave boy! I clean up for him and fed him a little milk because with all the milk out, he must be hungry. He was tired after all these and fell asleep after that.

I hope he gets a good night sleep tonight and me too! We both need the rest badly!

Oh, I realise I have not been blogging anything happy for the past few posts. Let me think, guess the only happy thing is Little Tristan is more clingy and sticky to me recently. Is that good or bad? Haha!

P.S: Daddy, I miss you so so much x 8! Me and mummy sick! =(

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 7 - Daddy's not home

Last night was slightly more peaceful than the previous few nights. Little Tristan still woke up a few times feeling uneasy and needed some coaxing but the difference is at least he don't wail or scream while in a sleeping state. I still did not get my proper night sleep and was feeling super lethargic at work today.

After work, I went NTUC to get some grocery. Then rush home to see how Little Tristan is. He is still having his flu but it is no longer the watery, colourless kind. Now it had evolve to the greenish and yellowish type. He is still as cranky just like the past few days. He even hurt himself around the chin area because of a knock against the table.

I guess taking care of him and with no proper night sleep is taking a toil on me. I can feel the flu bug is creeping on me and the body ache that comes with it. My nose is like a running tap now. I popped a few flu medicine and hope that I get better tomorrow. I don't want to fall sick! I need to be strong for my boy!

I don't think I sound very coherent now. This entry don't seem to link properly. I think I need to rest now.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 7! I'm still sick!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 6 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan's flu is getting worse. Yesterday, his mucus was clear but today it became yellowish and greenish. Initially, I wanted to head home earlier so that I can give him his medication.

Due to circumstances, I had to visit his great-grandpa who is in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I brought him along with me but he did not go into the hospital because we felt that it is not a good idea to bring him in. I rotated with my mum to take care of Little Tristan and to see my grandpa. Little Tristan's great-grandpa's health is not on the bright side but we really hope he gets well and is able to go home soon.

As for Little Tristan, his flu and his on and off fever is making him super cranky and uncomfortable. After dinner at my parent's place, we quickly head home together with my mum. She is going to help me look after Little Tristan for 2 days while I am at work. We fed him medicine but he is still as uncomfortable and cranky. My poor baby!

My dear boy boy, mummy hope you recover soon! Mummy loves you and is heartpain to see you suffer.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 6! I hate flu! Sob!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 5 - Daddy's not home

When I woke up today, I saw Little Tristan with two strings of mucus down his nose. He was still playing and behaving normally so I thought it was not serious and just some morning mucus. I brought him to his Shichida class as usual. He was behaving very well during class today even with his mucus coming out occasionally. Well done, baby!

We went home straight after class and by evening, his strings of mucus just keep flowing out. This is Bad! He is down with flu again! Arggggggggg! He just recovered from flu not too long ago. It was flu then diarrhoea then now flu again! My poor boy! We had no medication with us except his diarrhoea medicine which he does not need as he had recovered from diarrhoea.

He refused to sleep at night and wanted his po po and me to play with him. We tried to coax him to sleep instead but he cried and screamed for the entire night just like a few nights ago. It lasted from 8+ till 11+ pm and he was so tired by then that he finally fell asleep after I cuddle him and carried him for hours. It was a horrible night! But that was not the end of it! In the middle of the night, he woke up many times and even developed a fever. I couldn't sleep well for the night and keep waking up because of his cries.

I'm going crazy soon if this is going to continue. I really hope he gets better soon.

His daddy is going to extend his stay till 11th November, Tuesday. Sob!

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 5! Come back fast, I am very uncomfortable! Boohoo!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 4 - Daddy's not home

Today's afternoon is the pretty much the same as before. I played with Little Tristan in the afternoon. However, in the evening, we started to prepare our stuffs to bring to my parent's place because we are going to stay over for the weekends.

We went to Little Red House at East Coast Seafood Centre for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Little Tristan had fun because there are many people who played with him there. We went back to my parent's place after that.

Oh yah, as for Little Tristan diarrhoea, he pooed pooed 3 times today and his poop looks much better. He is on the recovery track!

Another bad night though! He was as cranky as the night before. I guess more teeth is coming out and with his tummy upset, he feels super uncomfortable.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 4!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3 - Daddy's not home

I went out in the afternoon so Little Tristan went over to his grandparents' place. When I went there for dinner, mother-in-law told me that Little Tristan has diarrhoea. He poo poo 5 times today. Furthermore, on the left side of his little tummy, there was a ten cent coin blueblack with a mini bump underneath the blueblack (I knew about this blueblack when I was bathing him the night before). I was pretty worried and mother-in-law said it's better to bring him to see a doctor.

After dinner, I brought him to see the doc. He said that the blueblack should not be something to be alarm about, the bump could be due to some blood vessel burst. As for how did the blueblack came about, it could be due to a knock or someone pinch him (who who?!?!). For his diarrhoea, doc did not comment much, just say let him drink lots of water and watch his diet then he should be alright. 2 types of medications and $37 bucks gone. Hopefully he recovers soon!

Little Tristan was pretty cranky for the entire night. He refused to sleep at 9+ pm. I played with him and coaxed him but he still refused to sleep. The worst is when he starts crying...he just screamed and cried for the entire night. He will stop for a while to rest and then continue crying again. It lasted until about 11+ pm to 12 am. By then, he cried so much that he was so tired and fell asleep. But that's not all! In between the night, he work up a few times to cry. I had to wake up and coaxed him back to sleep. He was tired but I was equally exhausted. I think his tummy is giving him problem and he was super uncomfortable which leads to all these crying.

How I wish dear is around for nights like these. It's really hard to manage alone and it really test my patience to the max. Hope Little Tristan recovers soon and we have a peaceful night tomorrow.

P.S: Daddy, I'm not feeling well! We need you and miss you x 3!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 - Daddy's not home

Today's afternoon activities were pretty much the same as Day 1. However, Little Tristan ate 2 meals of porridge today! I'm trying to feed him more porridge as he grows older because doc advised me to feed him less milk once he turns 2. So I'm trying to make him get use to eating more solid food.

As night falls, the same routine too. Bathe around 7.45 pm and milk at around 8.45 pm. Little Tristan fell asleep at around 9.20 pm and quite fuss free. I thought my prayers were answered! Guess what, when I put him in his bed and wanted to webcam with his godma, he woke up. I don't know if it's due to the noise or he woke up because he knows she missed him a lot. So there, we chat for about 30 minutes with her playing with her godson in between.

After that, I accompanied him to sleep on my bed. He fell asleep quite fast so I put him in his own bed again. As I was walking towards my computer, he woke up. No choice, I have to put him back on my bed and accompanied him again. This time after some coaxing then he fell asleep. I decided to let him sleep slightly longer on my bed first because I don't want to take another risk. At this moment, he seems to be sleeping pretty soundly. I will transfer him to his bed in a while. Pray hard that this time round he can continue with his sleep. I'm sure he will. Cheers!

P.S: Daddy, We miss you x 2!
Oh yah, I forgot to mention. Little Tristan climbed up the sofa on his own today! I'm not sure when he knows how to do this actually, but at least I saw it with my own eyes today. And yeah, he does knows how to walk but still not confident to walk long distance yet. Shall encourage him everyday and hopefully he will slowly build up his confidence and walk fully on his own! =)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1 - Daddy's not home

Today is Day 1 that dear is not in Singapore. He went China for business trip again. Actually he goes overseas for business trip very often but for this time round, I'm trying to blog Little Tristan's daily activites so that he can know his progress.

After I came back from work, Little Tristan had just finished his porridge. I played with him for a while and he was tired already because he did not take his nap since morning he woke up at 8+ am. So around 2+ pm, he fell asleep and slept all the way till about 5 pm. I fed him cereal when he woke up, not a lot though but I managed to coax him to finish it. Tough job! I fed him apple and grapes too as dessert. Then it's more play time and bits of reading time for him.

I bathe him around 7.45 pm and then off to my room to read some story books and to coax him to sleep. I fed him milk around 8+ pm but he simply refused to sleep after that. Toss and turn around my entire bed and he rolled off the bed! I had a shock! Luckily, he rolled off together with the bolster so that act as a cushion for him. No damage done. Phew! More toss and turn and he finally fell asleep around 9+pm. Another tough job!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier to coax him to sleep. Haha! That's what I wished for everyday. To be honest, our Little Tristan is already very obedient that I don't have to carry him to sleep every night (how to carry? 12 kg?!). He will just toss and turn for some time and fell asleep on his own. He is our wonderful baby! =)

P.S: Dear+Daddy we miss you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sentosa UnderWater World

We brought Little Tristan to Sentosa UnderWater World on 9th October 2008, Thursday. It was our 'first' family outing to places of interest and was without maid; just the three of us. I beco him almost for the entire outing and at the end, my shoulder was quite painful. It was really no joke to beco this little boy who is around 12 kg. Hehe! We chose UnderWater World because Little Tristan loves fishes!

We went to Vivocity foodcourt for lunch first and bought our tickets from the ticketing counter there. Then we drove in to Sentosa and park at the Beach carpark. Next, we took the beach tram to reach UnderWater World. By then, Little Tristan was due for his afternoon nap and he was super restless. However, once we stepped into UnderWater World and told him to look at all the beautiful fishes in the aquarium, he brightened up almost immediately. Though he was tired but we can see that he forced himself to stay awake to look at his favourite fishes. He enjoyed himself very much and of course both of us too. As long as he is happy, we are happy too! Little Tristan fell asleep soon after we left UnderWater World. Guess he already exhausted all his energy in staying awake for his fishes.

After that, we had our dinner at a restaurant called "Tastes of Singapore (Beach Station)". It was just some foodcourt kind of food but at 4x the prices compared to foodcourt. We found that it was not worth it. Anyway, it was our fault too, we actually wanted to go "Ami's Restaurant" but we went into the wrong restaurant. (The two restaurants were beside each other) Haha! So blur of us.

After dinner, we went to watch "Song of Sea". While waiting for the show to start, Little Tristan finally woke up. We played with him for a while and gave him his favourite rabbit biscuits. The "Song of Sea" was really nice and more worth the money as compared to UnderWater World which I thought was over-priced. Little Tristan enjoyed the show even though at some part he was quite scared cause of the loud sound.

Overall, everyone of us enjoyed the outing very much even though it cost us close to 100 bucks for all the entrance fees+meals. I was still telling dear that we should organise another outing soon. Our conclusion; yes, we will and it shall probably be Zoo or Botanic Garden. Yeah! More fun coming up!

Some photos to share with you all...
Look at how happy Little Tristan was...

**Home Sweet Home**

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Little Tristan finally walked a short distance unassisted today! YEah! He was walking to and fro between me and his daddy. We were so proud of him and I can see that he was pretty proud of himself too! It was a wonderful moment when he walked between us and the three of us had great fun. Took a video and shall upload it one of these days. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Tristan's Hair Cut 2

Little Tristan had his 3rd hair cut at my parent's place on 26th September 2008. My mum, his grandmother, cut his hair for him. It was the 2nd time that she did it for him. His very first hair cut was just a day before his full month celebration and that was done by the professional who cut him botak cause of the tai mao bi.

We had a hard time trying to get him to stay still until I show him his favourite PowerPoint slideshow. I tried to cut a bit too, but it was quite disastrous so my mum had to try to salvage that portion that I cut.

Overall, the end product of his hair was quite amusing. Guess who he looks like..."Ah Wang"! Haha! Oh my goodness was all I can say! =P

Before the haircut:

During the process:

After the haircut:

Tadah! This is how Little Tristan looks like now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun with Boh Boh!

Look at how happy Little Tristan is when he can't reach for his bolster aka boh boh to him. I took these videos one morning when I was playing with him.

He was a little frustrated after trying hard to get his boh boh but yet he still can't reach it. When he finally got it, he was very satisfied. Oh yah, see how he usually play with his boh boh in the video. He is just so adorable! I love him so much! What a cutie...haha!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Tristan's Birthday Celebrations

Little Tristan is a lucky baby! He celebrated his 1 year old birthday 4 times:

1) Sept Babies Mega Party - 17th August, Sunday
This mega party was organised by the forum mummies and I brought Little Tristan there to celebrate with the rest of the Sept 2007 babies. It was very fun and well organised!

2) Celebration with Dear's family and our friends - 31st August, Sunday
We invited dear's family and our friends for this celebration and had buffet lunch at our place. The buffet was from Yan Palace and the dessert was fabulous. The guests love the cake that we ordered from emicakes. Everything was great except that birthday boy was a little grouchy when we sang the birthday song because he just woke up from his nap. However, he did enjoy himself after that.

3) Family celebration - 5th September, Friday
We held a simple celebration on our own on his actual day. It was just a simple celebration with a mini brownie as his cake. What is most important is daddy and mummy celebrated for him! Warm and sweet.

4) Celebrated with my family and close relatives - 6th September, Saturday
We booked a sea view bungalow at Aloha Loyang from the 6th - 7th Sept. We invited my family and close relatives for a BBQ celebration. The food and gathering was good except that it started raining around 8+ pm so we had to stop our BBQ session. Luckily by that time, most guests were full. We proceed to sing the birthday song and this time round, Little Tristan was ok and having fun. The ice cream cake was from Swensen and it was nice. Overall, the celebration was wonderful and we had lots of fun!

See, I told you, Little Tristan is a lucky baby right, with 4 birthday celebrations when he is only 1 year old! How fortunate! =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Swimming Session - 13th July

This post is long overdue. I was just too lazy to do the collage and post the pictures. Finally have the mood to do it today.

Little Tristan simply loves swimming and as you can see, we finally bought him his first swimming costume and mushroom float. Cute yeah! Here are the pictures...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Little Tristan!


I can't help to say, time really flies. For the whole of today, I kept talking to dear about what happened 1 year ago on this day...our dearest baby boy, Little Tristan was born. He is such an adorable boy now and he grew a lot since then.

We had a small celebration for him today. We bought a mini chocolate brownie from Taka and put a mini candle on the brownie and had a mini celebration at home. Just for our own family. It was a small celebration but heart warming.

Let's see how much Little Tristan has grown through this 1 year.


time really flies, one year flashes by juz at a mere wink. to think i had juz witness the birth of this little terror one year ago, but it felt as if it had happened yesterday. the vivid images of his entry process into this world. and now he is already 1 year old !!!

[Update notes to our fans on the new LOTrO (Legend Of TRistan Online) expansion - The Rise of the Little Terror]

LTT's super finishing moves number 1 --- The Banshee Wail
Effects : Cast self targetted AOE fear (5m radius). Stackable with other hostile conditions
Duration : 10 min
Recast timer : None
Casting time : 5 sec

His first wail then, which sounded so unfamiliar and yet heartwarming. His wails now, which sounded so piecing and heart bursting at times. never did i know the first melancholic wail will turn into his best weapon that drives ppl into banging their heads onto walls or pulling hairs frantically not knowing what he wants.

LTT's super finishing moves number 2 --- Irrisistable Smile
Effects : Cast self targetted AOE Mesmerize (5m radius). Removes all other hostile conditions. Cannot be resist.
Duration : 1 min
Recast timer : 10 sec
Casting time : Instant

but one thing remains, his million wattage smiles never fails to light up my days. he can get u so pissed off and when ur about to blow up, he will look at you and give you this smile that you will forget all that pent-up anger and end up smiling together with him.

LTT's super finishing moves number 3 --- Mesmerizing Claps
Effects : Cast 45 degrees frontal arc Mesmerize (5m radius). Removes all other hostile conditions.
Duration : 10 sec
Recast timer : 10 sec
Casting time : 1 sec

adding to his devasting arsenal of super moves is his new Mesmerizing Claps. whenever he needs attention, he will turn himself to face you and start clapping his hands and you will uncontrollably follow his actions.

yup, so these are the new updates that he has developed over this year. thank you for supporting LOTrO (Legend Of TRistan Online) -- [The Birth of the Little Terror] for the past one year. Be assured that we, as developers, hear every voices from our subscribers and will do our best to bring you an even more entertaining online experience. so order now for the new expansion of LOTrO -- [The Rise of the Little Terror] !!! and please, remember to pay your subscriptions !!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mummies 真伟大

i think mummies are great. they really goes thru alot of shit in order to deliver the joy bundle. puffer fish figure lah, roti prata face lah, crater face texture lah, elephant bums lah, thunder thighs lah, needle riddled back lah ... all these are one of the few facelifts that they have to go thru. not forgetting the pain of labour and putting their lives on the line in the delivery suite. so salute to all mummies.

am not undermining the hardships of daddies, we go thru insane shit sometimes.
"dear... i miss the boon lay nasi lemak leh .... " /faint
" i still crave for nasi lemak leh ... " (wah piangz, 2 wks in a row)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i dun remember writing anything related to this ever since LTT (Little Terror Tristan) was born. actually i wanted to blog this entry while i was suffering from insomnia, vexed with pending work issues and missing my family when i was in taiwan. but the internet service in my hotel SUXX, took me freaking 5-10 min juz to login.

>>Warning : Long Entry

first and foremost, in the delivery suite. i was caught in a very perplex emotional tidal swing awaiting for his arrival. the initial plan was to stay beside nic and NOT see how LTT was delivered, juz in case i happen to pass out at the sight of it.

Gynae>ok, get ready, follow my instructions and timing, when i ask u to push, u take a deep breath and push with all ur might k?
Nic>ok ...
(few minutes later)
Gynae>the head is coming out ...daddy ?
Me>yes ?
Gynae>see ? the head coming out
Me>huh ? where ? (head lean over to take a look)

at this point of time, i have reached the point of no return. initially, i told myself no, i am not going to look at it for fear that i will pass out and require emergency resusitation attention. i guess my curiosity took control of my consciousness sub-consciously when she pop the qn " see ? the head coming out ... " my immediate reaction was lean over and try to look at it. LOL, but when i saw the head slowly emerging, i was awed by that sight. i witness the whole contortionistic performance by LTT and its a feeling that i have NEVER experience in my whole life. the moment his whole body is out, my eyes went red as i try to fight back bursting out in tears. i only remember quickly wiping off a tiny stream of tears running down my cheeks before i receive my first instructions. Cutting the cord is ... scary. i was holding the scissors and trying very hard to hide my shivering hands. suddenly i felt as if i am a noob holding a pair of scissors trying to cut the live wire to disarm an explosive bomb. i even have the tot if this gonna cause him any pain. other than the train of nonsence that went thru my mind during that short span of time, the overall experience was unbelievable!

To: daddies,
almost every nite, i would take the nite shift, feeding him, helping him change diapers during the wee hours. Nic often complains of this nocturnal lifestyle and says that it was uncalled for. she say we can wake the maid up when LTT starts crying to feed him. my reason for doing so is, firstly, i wanna let the maid have ample sleeping time. this is because she is required to tidy up the house and also take care of LTT, so i wouldnt want her to fall ill, suffer any injuries, screw more things up, OR let anything happen to LTT becos she was too exhausted. Secondly, i love the feeling when i pick him up to feed him when he start his hunger sirens, cradle him in my arms during the feed, and changing his diapers after the feed. the feeling of going thru all these make me feel ... needed, its a private session between me and him. its like, look, the whole world is sleeping, ur hungry and crying, but no worries, daddy is here to save the day. LOL
not every daddies have flexible hours to do this, and i dun encourage daddies to do that and head to work in the morning, u wont last more than 3 days doing it and its not realistic. but the very least is, be able to do all those things. if there ever comes a situation where there is no help ard, and ur toon is in distress, you are still able to handle the situation urself. every one has different persepective in different things, personally, i dont want to be a eye-power-daddy. i know there are still certain duties that i still couldnt undertake, but at least there are some that i am proficient in.

tho i may not be the one carrying out all those duties every nite, but i try my best to do it whenever i can. love watching him sleep and observing his various unorthodox sleeping positions. and the blurry look sometimes when he opened his eyes and look at me when i carry him out of his bed to feed him. this is the time when his concentration is at his max and will obediently stay still looking at you. the rest of the time, its an epic battle trying to get his attention and concentration amidst millions of distration.

To: Mummies
mummies who have higher difficulties in conceiving, do not be disheartened. take things with an open heart. i wouldnt want to say prepared for the worst and hope for the best. as many ppl will view it with a negative approach. they will think it means dun carry too much hope, so that you wont be too disappointed when it doesnt turn out well. i believe this is a negative perspective. since u know that you have lower chance of conceiving compared to other females, all the more you should be happy if you ever did conceive. speak to ur child, tell ur toon how much u love them and how happy that this miracle happened. communicate wif them. some ppl may argue that by doing this, you are putting ur hopes too high and if it doesnt turn out well, you will be devastated and disillusioned. that depends on which perspective ur holding. think it this way, even when the chance of conceiving is slim, it still happened, which means that even tho when hope is fragile, no one can change the fact that it did happened. even if it was short-lived, be thankful that it happened, cause it has proven the fact that there is still HOPE. embrace every pregnancy with joy and hope, think positively, have the right attitude, for there are still many things in life that dun alwaz equate 1+1=2.

miracles do happen. Remember: what you think and feel will directly affect the life within you.

a tightly clenched fist is never in a position to receive anything, even if its a good thing.
a wide open palm is alwaz ready to receive anything. even when bad things happen, knowing that as long as ur in this position, you CAN receive good things.

Every time i am out of town, i will miss my family lotz. kids change ur lives, dramatically. but i am glad these changes happened.

ps: can never resist LTT's smiles.

my blabbering

actually, i am quite apprehensive about penning down this entry. i mean i would very much like to keep this portal dedicated to my little terror. but ... before i get back my old bloggy, i shall temporarily park this entry here. Thus, apologies to all terror tristan avid fans out there hoping to see more updates about him.

these few months has been a rough ride for me, lotsa things happened and mostly, i am busy cleaning shit that were left behind by ppl.

i am often caught unaware of impromptu situation when ppl made decisions w/o telling me and come running to me when shit happens and expect me to react. my way of doing things is to analyze every single possible alternatives, their possible outcomes, and the relevant solutions to them. i like to have an overview of the current situation and whatever that may happen in the future. On the contrary, very often, decisions were made w/o my knowledge and i happen to be the last one to find out when things go astray. Then ppl come breathing down my neck expecting me to react in the fastest time possible. i dun like to make rash decisions w/o thinking thru all the possible repercussions, thus, often when i am caught unprepared, i am very reluctant to make any decisions, even if i do, i wont feel secure about it.

i mean sometimes, with the panic button pressed, i can understand its difficult to get things done, think about solutions, answering bugging interrogations and communicate with every appointment holders at the same time. sometimes, its good that one have the initiative to directly contact key ppl (which is suppose to be my job) to get response. but, the least you can do is to let me know of every internal decisions that you have made so that i can be more prepared about it. u dun make decisions liao, when things go out of control, u start calling me and ask me to call them instead and pressure me every few minutes for a response while not letting me know about those plans or decisions which were made earlier.

in short, if it falls within my jurisdiction, let me have the control, or the very least, update me of the most current plan. i would have been in a better situation many a times if i were not caught unexpected due to the fact that decisions were ammended without my knowledge.

to summarize this entry using another genre,

(if you cant KITE the ADDS or HOLD THE AGGRO properly, control ur DPS and stay on ur MA. if you expect me to solve problems within this AOE, let me have a good LOS. if not, dun expect any effective CC when there are any HATE issues, ADDS or DPS overdose. GG.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

11 months as of 5th August 2008, Tuesday

Tristan is officially 11 months as of today! Yipee! I'm so happy. 1 more month and he will be 1 year old. In the past, when others celebrated their baby 1 year old, I will always think that the baby is an 'old baby' already. However, looking at my own Little Tristan, I can't help but think he is still so babyish.

Yesterday night was an amazing night. He looked at me and utter the word 'mama' softly because he wanted me to carry him from his cot. It really melts my heart. I tried to make him say it again but he simply refused. Nonetheless, it was really a feeling that is beyond description.

I'm now anxiously counting down to 5th September to celebrate his 1 year old. Cheers! =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walking? -- Not yet

I'm still waiting for the swimming photographs from my dearest sister. Hope to get them soon.

I think in the previous post I mentioned that Little Tristan has got 4 teeth coming out, but no no no, we found out these few days that it is actually 5 teeth popping at the same time. So excited! He looks so different when he smiles nowadays.

He is learning to stand without support at times when he feels like it. I managed to see him doing it last sat before his Shichida class. He stand for a few seconds without support and I felt so proud of him. I just can't wait for the day when he started walking, but think I will have another set of headache when that day comes. Oh, I may even slim down further cause I have to chase after him.

He is also making a lot more sounds and noise these days. Previously, he is a pretty quiet baby that I thought is quite unusual. Luckily he is more 'talkative' and noisy these days and it set my heart at ease. He will go 'ee ee', 'ah ah', 'eh eh' etc, it is actually quite funny and sometimes he tried to communicate with us with his baby language which we find it very amusing.

I will try to upload more recent photos of him the next time I blog. Still trying very hard to snap pictures of him smiling or laughing with his small little teeth showing. So cute...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Latest Update: Baby Tristan is 11.2 kg as of 2 weeks ago.

Did I ever mentioned that he is also teething? He had 4 teeth coming out at the same time. Finally!!! Anyway, he looks different now whenever he smiles or laughs. He is growing so fast by the days that I almost cannot catch up with his growth.

We brought him swimming 2 Saturdays ago. Snapped quite a few pictures but the photos are with my sister so will update when I get the pictures from her.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We brought Baby Tristan swimming sometime end of march and early april so this post is like 3 months overdue. Heh...nonetheless, I still want to write about it because we finally brought him swimming on 2 separate occasions and another time just dipping in the water for a while. I think he likes to swim based on my observation. However, he needs time to get use to the water temperature before he can enjoy himself. I'm quite keen to bring him for a swim soon but need to arrange with my cousin, Val and see when she is free. Hopefully, I can have more updates on his swimming session soon.

First real swimming session:

See how happy Baby Tristan is!
The beautiful red hat doesn't belongs to Baby Tristan. It's either his cousin, Chloe's or Charlize's.

Second swimming session:

Noelle, my third sister is the one carrying him in this picture. Yes, she is pregnant and due anytime from now. We are all waiting patiently for Baby Sophie to arrive soon.

Oh, yah, I'm getting his swim suit soon. I don't think it is a good idea to let him wear his normal clothes for swimming, he may catch a cold. So hopefully, the next time I post his swimming session, he will be in his new swim suit! So cool.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Counting down - 10 months old

I'm counting down to Tristan 10 months old ---6 more days---
So far, his achievements are:

-- calling 'papa' most of the time (yes! he looks at me and call papa, duhz! Actually I thought most baby learn to call 'mama' first, how wrong I am with my own baby)

-- crawling around like nobody's business

-- running in his walker (that's dangerous! I know I know...but it usually only happen when I play 'monster' with him)

-- eating our food (He will be super duper unhappy if we eat and do not let him try the food)

-- having 3 teeth pop out at the same time (still in progress, I know compare to other baby he is a bit slow in tooth growth, but as long as they grow; i'm happy)

-- clapping his hands when asked to

-- saying 'bye bye' occasionally

That's all for the moment, will update if I think of any...cheers!

Baby Tristan Photoshoot

I know we neglected this blog for sometime, usual excuse, we were both very busy! Haha

Anyway, wanted to blog about his photoshoot on the day after the session but drag until now. I actually did all the collages very early but just couldn't find a proper time to do it as I was busy with my stuff during the hols.

We brought Baby Tristan for photoshoot at Foto-U because there was a promotion going on. The package was quite a good deal:

$120 for 1 hour shoot
unlimited number of shots
CD return to us
Three 8Rs
We had the shoot done on 13th June Friday. The first half an hour Baby Tristan was still enjoying himself, but the next half hour he was rather grouchy because he was tired already. Before the shoot actually ended, he fell asleep while complaining at the same time. It was an amusing sight. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we (I think is we) enjoyed it very much! =) Hoping for more...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bui Kia dear a.k.a silly old man to Little Tristan is really good at writing interesting entries...whereas the good old mummy only know how to post 'informative' and not-so-interesting entries.

Anyway, Little Tristan is growing at a much faster rate than I can imagine. We brought him to the PD on 7th April cause of his cough and weigh him at the same time.

Little TRISTAN is 10.1KG!

Slightly heavier than a bag of rice! So carrying him is as good as carrying a bag of rice walking around the house. Can you imagine that I can carry him for hours?! Gosh! Even I can't believe that I'm actually that strong!

Da Evil, Despicable, Deaf Old Clown

" hello ... hi tristan, how are you ? "
fine ... as long as i dont see you, old clown ...
i am not trying to be rude, but you see, he is constantly wearing this irritating smile on his face, hiding all his evil thoughts and deeds ... i wont fall for that smile like my silly old man, you clown !
" he is having abit of cough, and we are not sure if he is running a fever ..."
" no problem, i will run a few checks ... "
this silly old clown is a pain in the ass, and yes, i mean pain in the ass literally ! everytime i get to see him, i go home with a sore bum ... he has this stupid fetish of poking people with sharp objects ... but come to think of it, this deaf old clown is quite a poor thing ... he constantly needs a hearing aid to hear what people say ... u know ... 2 wierd looking tubes sticking into his ears connected to a round metallic thingy. and he gets quite touchy with that round thingy ... pathetic paedophile ... bet thats the reason why he was kicked out of the circus ... and now he is here preying on innocent cute toddlers like ... ahem ... me ...

" he is okay, his lungs are quite clear..."
" let me check his temperature ..."

why is he putting a stupid fat object into my ears ?!?!!? come on silly old clown, it wont come out from my other ear, dun give me the magic trick crap ...

" no fever ..."

NOW WHAT ??!?!? why are you putting a blardy PLANK into my mouth !??!?!?
" say ah ... tristan say ah ... "
AH MY ASS !!! can i stuff my hardened poo into ur mouth and you say ah instead !?!!?!?!?!?

"his throat is abit sore ... "

he is lucky he was quick nuff, i was about to pui chao nua onto his face ... nah ... that will spoil my angelic image [eyes glitter]

oh wait ... is he going to poke me bum bum wif the sharp thing again ?!?!!??!?
noooooooooooo ... silly old man ! save me ! get me away from this evil, despicable old clown !!!!
i promise i will spare you the upper cut and the throat slash if you save me now !!!!
pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee !!!

[loud wailing heard]

"its okie ... daddy is here ... no worries ..."
its NOT ok !!! get me outta here !

"i will prescribe some cough mixture for him ... "
now he is trying to POISON ME !!!

"did you guys bring him out quite often ?"
"yeah ... we have been out on several occasions recently ..."
"better not go out for the rest of the week ... let him rest ..."
WHAT !!! now i am GROUNDED !!!!?!?!?!?!?
u old fart !!
iiiiiiiiiiii haaaaattttttteeeeeeee ccccchhhhhhhoooooooooo !!!

[Tristan] 1 : [Silly Old Man] 0

"boy its time for you to sleep ..."
nope ... i dun want to ...
lotsa pretty gers here, i wanna play wif them ...

"ur tired, time to sleep sleep, boy ... "
nope, hypnotise shit dun work on me ...


"boy! dont be naughty, its time for you to sleep ! ..."
grrrrr ... irritating !!!

--> ah cha !!!

" OUCH !!! MY EYES !!! ... "
[puts Tristan on the couch]
" what happened dear ??? "
" he stuggled and poked my eyes !!!"
" GOSH !!! ur left eye is swollen and your sclera is bloodshot red ! are you okay ??"

muahahahahhah ... so the art of self defence on the discovery channel actually works ...
maybe i should try the upper cut or the throat slash next time [evil grin]
[Tristan] 1 : [Silly Old Man] 0

Saturday, April 5, 2008

7 months old!

Little Tristan is officially 7 months old as of today! So cool!
His achievement so far:
1) he is able to crawl a little bit
2) in his pumping position, he is able to turn round and round (don't ask me why he learn that first before learning how to crawl...makes me puzzled too!)
3) he can sit up right for about 15 minutes or so
4) he is trying to stand whenever he can
5) he is drooling a little coz probably he is teething soon...yes, he drools a little only so far, so he is a pretty clean baby and no bib necessary around his neck Yet!
6) he is learning to swim

p.s: I can't seems to upload the hoo hoo video...something wrong with blogspot! Damn...will try whenever I can!

Da Phone ...

" hi dear ... we reached home liao ... "
" oh okie, so fast ah ? hows ah boy ? ..... "

hmmm ... how did the sound of that silly old man come out from this box ...
hmmm ........
I KNEW IT ... that silly old man's soul must have been sucked into this wierd box ...
tsk tsk tsk ... silly old man keep getting into shit and now i have to save the day ...
what to do ? ... with great powers comes great responsibilities ...
now how do i get that silly old man's soul out of this box ...
... lotsa buttons ... maybe some combination of buttons should break the security lock ...
[ 1 min later ]
hmm .......... bah ...... shall use the most primitive yet effective method, works everytime ....

"Don't throw mummy's phone !!!"

so .... the soul sucking machine has got a name ...... "phone" ...
the next time i get hold of that, maybe i can try it on the "bah-wu" auntie ... [evil grin]

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hoo Hoo Video

I keep wanting to upload CNY photos but just keep delaying it. I probably have to find one day and just upload everything at one go, including lots of Tristan's pictures!

Meanwhile, here is a video taken on 1st March (Tongtong's 8th birthday celebration) with Tristan keep saying 'hoo hoo'... Cheers!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

6 months old!!!

Tristan is officially 6 months old as of today!
5th March 2008! ***Yipee!***
It's the start of his porridge journey!

Monday, March 3, 2008

babies are the inventors of sensors

"commander, we are going into sleep mode, permission to activate all sensors .... "
"permission approved "
"roger, copy that..."
"all sensors activated"
( 10 minutes later )
"commander, our radar detected a drop in altitude, i repeat, our radar detected a drop in altitude ..."
"roger that, prepare for contact and get ready to press the alarm button, the sensor should sound off soon"
"affirmative! ... butt touching the surface in 5.....4.....3.....2.....1"
"commander, our sensor detected a breach in security in the butt proximity, the butt has touch the bed ! i repeat, the butt has touched the bed !"
--(Loud Wailing sound heard)---
"commander, the butt sensor is green again and we are gaining altitude, all sensors are cleared !"
"good job fellows ! keep up the good work !"

-- " wah lau eh, his kar chng got put sensor one ah ? the moment it touches the bed then start crying liao, piangz, like that my arm confirm going to jee man .... "--

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Da Smell ...

yes yes yes .... they are passing me around like a parcel again ...
come on ... do i look like a parcel wrapped in yellow or purple and they have to do all those matrix moves juz to get me to my destination ?
come on ... i still wanna play, am not in the mood to sleep ...
no no no ... no matter how many ppl u gonna passed me ard, i am not going to sleep till i clock nuff of my playing time ...
ha ha ha ... yet another down ....... sucker .....
oh wait ... whats this smell ???
its .... overwhelming ..... choking ..... suffocating....... whats this bah-wu !?!?!?
noooooo ... my knees are getting weak ...
my ..... head is spinning ...
my ........getting ..........blurry ...
this ... is .. cheating .........................
*thoughts ---> ( when will adults ever learn to differentiate sleeping and fainting ....)

" see ! i told you ! only the maid is capable of making him sleep .... i wonder whats her secret ..."


hmmm ... i wonder what conditioner this lady uses ...
smells good ..... will my hand slip off just like the Pantene advert shown on tv ? ...
but ... but ..... but ... i was told many times not to ......
No........ i must resist temptation ....
must ..... resist .......
cannot .... pull ........ hair .....
" OUCH OUCH OUCH ... Nooooo Tristan ! DON'T PULL MY HAIR !!!!!!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Big Baby!

We brought Tristan boy for his vaccination yesterday. We waited for 1 and 1/2 hours before it was our turn and dear was so furstrated with the wait. I told him next time we shall try not to book sat appointment.

Oh yah, after the nurse weigh him, I finally realise why I get tired easily these days when I carry him. He is a whopping 9.1 kg now! His height is 69 cm. He grew 20 cm taller since birth but his weight is triple that of his birth weight. I asked the pd whether he is overweight but the pd said its alright since baby will slim down naturally by the age of 1. But he did mention that his weight is easily a 9 months old baby weight. HAHA!

Tristan did not cry at all for his vaccination yesterday. Really proud of him! Its the first time during vaccination that he did not cry, guess he was too facinated by us as we were distracting him by playing with him. Luckily, he did not have fever this time round. He was still happy and playful for the entire day. =)

I shall update his CNY photos when I'm free one of these days. Hee...

Friday, February 22, 2008

No time!

I haven't had the time to update this blog since I started work. Life has been very hectic! Hope I can find some time this weekend to do some updating. Little Tristan has grown quite a bit. Tomorrow he will go for his 5th month vaccination and I shall let you all know his growth so far. My hand really ache these days after carrying him just for a short while. Soon, he will be a big boy! I really can't wait for the day that he will call me 'mama'! Heehee =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dedicated to 干妈阿姨 (and my family)

This entry is specially dedicated to Little Tristan's godma, who is my 2nd sister (+also dedicated to my family). She prefers Little Tristan to affectionately call her 干妈阿姨. Rather innovative eh...guess my family just have weird ideas when it comes to how little kids address us. As for me, I asked my two nieces, Adelle and Tongtong to address me as 阿运姐姐阿姨妈咪, quite a mouthful! In fact, they are rather reluctant at first but now we are just so used to it! Haha! =)

Anyway, back to Little Tristan's 干妈阿姨. She took great care of him when I went Tokyo in Dec last year. She went over to my parents' place either in the morning or night to take care of Little Tristan and make sure that everything is ok. Really grateful to her! Of course not forgetting my mum who also put in a lot of effort in taking care of Little Tristan. She actually slept with him throughout my trip, while my poor Dad had to sleep alone! My other family members also helped out in one way or another. I appreciated it very much! It's because of them that I felt more at eased during my trip. Thanks to my family, if anyone of you happened to read this post! Cheers! =)

Enjoy the video...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smiley Baby!

When Little Tristan is in a good mood, it's quite easy to get him to smile or laugh! However, this usually happens in the morning and as those who know us well enough, Bryan and me are not morning people. Nonetheless, occasionally Little Tristan will 'maintain' his good mood till daddy or mummy wakes up to play with him. Snap some really cute pictures when Bryan was playing with him one afternoon...

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Fever Espisode

Little Tristan was down with fever on 21st Jan, Monday after his 5-in-1 jab and rotavirus vaccination. He was still ok in the afternoon but by evening time, his fever has gone up to 37.9°C. I was pretty worried because if it went further up, then we would have to bring him to a doc. In the end, dear went downstair to buy the "Super Cool Baby Cooling Gel Sheet" before going for his tennis session.

I pasted the gel sheet on Tristan's forehead and thought he looked rather cute with it (bad mama! can even think he is cute when he is sick!). However, looking back at the pictures I took, he looked restless and weak, so poor thing! The highest his fever went up to was 38°C which was pretty bad. Luckily, it went down slowly. The entire night, me and dear keep waking up to check whether Little Tristan was ok. I realised that when baby is sick, the parents suffered even more in terms of mentally and physically. =(

See all the pictures, he looked so sad and his lips is super poor baby!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Cereal Episode

I attempted to feed Little Tristan cereal on 21st Jan, Monday. It was actually not my first attempt in feeding him semi-solid food. However, this time round, he took it quite well and try to eat a bit. The first time I gave him Heinz rice cereal but it was quite tasteless so he didn't really like it and keep spitting it out. This time I got some sample from the PD and it's Nestle apple and cranberry cereal. It actually taste quite nice, (I tried it myself also...heehee!) thats why he enjoyed it more!

I fed him with him sitting on his bumbo seat, but after say 5 mins or so, he got frustrated and wanted to get out of it. Naughty naughty! So I had to carry him and feed him at the same time. After the whole 'ordeal', my hand ache! Luckily, when I tried feeding him again yesterday, dear helped with the carrying after the little rascal got pissed off with his bumbo seat again. Anyway, we got him a high chair and hope he will enjoy more sitting in his high chair.

See how he enjoyed his cereal and his pure innocent funny! I can't stop laughing at the pictures myself...HAHAHA!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Series

I did a few collages of Little Tristan's smiling, crying and yawning! It's quite a funny sight. Enjoy the pictures! =)

I will try to update later (if I got the time) on my attempt to feed Little Tristan cereal yesterday and his fever episode (nothing to do with my cereal feeding hor...).

Tristan Stages of Growth

I shall at one go post all the photos of Little Tristan's growth from 1 month to 4 months old. I'm such a lazy mama! Anyway, you all can see the changes yourself.

I'm a bit disappointed that I forgot to jot down the date when I first hear his chuckle. It was a wonderful feeling and the thought of it still melts my heart! From that day onwards, whenever I played with him, I aimed to make him chuckle. If he does, both me and Bryan will have a sense of satisfaction; if he doesn't, we will try our very best to achieve it. Interesting right...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Tristan Full Month Celebration

We celebrated Tristan's full month on the 29th September, Saturday. Yah, I know its not even his full month yet. We celebrated almost 1 week earlier because his actual full month fall on a weekday and we predicted that a lot of people will not be able to attend.

We spilt the celebration into afternoon and night; afternoon is for relatives and night is for friends. I'm glad that the turnout was fantastic! Many of my relatives turn up even though they stayed in the west while I'm like the only one who stayed in the east. Really 给面子 and I appreciate it very much! A lot of our friends turned up as well! It was a great celebration with Bryan and his gang ending the night with lots of drinking! However, by night time, our little star was super cranky but luckily I managed to coax him to sleep! heehee =)

*Sidenote: Shan and Jovie bought a cake for me to celebrate my birthday which falls on the next day. But too bad, Jovie left early so she was not around when the rests celebrated for me. Nonetheless, it was still wonderful with cousins like them.*

I spent half of the afternoon doing up all the tiring! But its worth it!