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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby lingo

now that LTT is already 2 yrs and 3 mths old, he is picking up whatever things that he hears from ppl ard him. in short, he is behaving like a parrot now. so have to be careful of my choice of words. am controlling myself not to answer any phonecalls infront of him in fear that i may splat out all those "%^&#@!!#~@!!!" out w/o me knowing.

the one on CLOCK :
LTT's pronounciation of CLOCK : COCK
he was playing with his elder niece with her handphone and he is very much facinated by clocks. and his niece's handphone can change the size of the clock in her handphone. so there they are playing happily in the car and with LTT laughing away blabbering ... "See ... BIG COCK, SMALL COCK, NO MORE COCK .........." i try to correct him on several occasions and i can see that he IS conciously making an effort too. but on and off we will still hear " papa, i want cock, i want see cock ....." and its a bit embarrassing in the public with all the passerbys giving me the wierd stares like i am some sick paedophillic father .......

LTT's favourite phase : DUN WANT
he has absolutely no problem in understanding the meaning and the usage of this phase. and sometimes, a bit irritating when all his answers were " dun want .... "

LTT's up and coming favourite phase : I WANT
he has learnt to make requests. but when all his requests were marked with I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT .... after some time, it sounds more like a command than a request. am slowly trying to correct him to say " may i .... " or " can i ....." but only when he is consciously reminded to. other than that, its .... " i want ......"

he has learnt to dictate what he likes. he will force me to cycle thru all the tracks from the cd in my car with " dun want this ... dun want .... dun want this ....." until i hear a " this okay .... " then will he stop all the shouting. and surprisingly, he can know which song it is just from listening to the starting melody. and the sequence of the songs in the cd too ..........................

he is learning to sing all those nursery rhymes with his own variation of the lyrics ...... tho i have to admit its due to his unique pronunciation ....
" baa baa back shit haf u emi oooooo ......."
" twiggle twiggle little tar ......"

will try to think of all the compilation of his pronunciation and post them up. shall leave you guys here atm .....