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Monday, March 3, 2008

babies are the inventors of sensors

"commander, we are going into sleep mode, permission to activate all sensors .... "
"permission approved "
"roger, copy that..."
"all sensors activated"
( 10 minutes later )
"commander, our radar detected a drop in altitude, i repeat, our radar detected a drop in altitude ..."
"roger that, prepare for contact and get ready to press the alarm button, the sensor should sound off soon"
"affirmative! ... butt touching the surface in 5.....4.....3.....2.....1"
"commander, our sensor detected a breach in security in the butt proximity, the butt has touch the bed ! i repeat, the butt has touched the bed !"
--(Loud Wailing sound heard)---
"commander, the butt sensor is green again and we are gaining altitude, all sensors are cleared !"
"good job fellows ! keep up the good work !"

-- " wah lau eh, his kar chng got put sensor one ah ? the moment it touches the bed then start crying liao, piangz, like that my arm confirm going to jee man .... "--

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