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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Da Evil, Despicable, Deaf Old Clown

" hello ... hi tristan, how are you ? "
fine ... as long as i dont see you, old clown ...
i am not trying to be rude, but you see, he is constantly wearing this irritating smile on his face, hiding all his evil thoughts and deeds ... i wont fall for that smile like my silly old man, you clown !
" he is having abit of cough, and we are not sure if he is running a fever ..."
" no problem, i will run a few checks ... "
this silly old clown is a pain in the ass, and yes, i mean pain in the ass literally ! everytime i get to see him, i go home with a sore bum ... he has this stupid fetish of poking people with sharp objects ... but come to think of it, this deaf old clown is quite a poor thing ... he constantly needs a hearing aid to hear what people say ... u know ... 2 wierd looking tubes sticking into his ears connected to a round metallic thingy. and he gets quite touchy with that round thingy ... pathetic paedophile ... bet thats the reason why he was kicked out of the circus ... and now he is here preying on innocent cute toddlers like ... ahem ... me ...

" he is okay, his lungs are quite clear..."
" let me check his temperature ..."

why is he putting a stupid fat object into my ears ?!?!!? come on silly old clown, it wont come out from my other ear, dun give me the magic trick crap ...

" no fever ..."

NOW WHAT ??!?!? why are you putting a blardy PLANK into my mouth !??!?!?
" say ah ... tristan say ah ... "
AH MY ASS !!! can i stuff my hardened poo into ur mouth and you say ah instead !?!!?!?!?!?

"his throat is abit sore ... "

he is lucky he was quick nuff, i was about to pui chao nua onto his face ... nah ... that will spoil my angelic image [eyes glitter]

oh wait ... is he going to poke me bum bum wif the sharp thing again ?!?!!??!?
noooooooooooo ... silly old man ! save me ! get me away from this evil, despicable old clown !!!!
i promise i will spare you the upper cut and the throat slash if you save me now !!!!
pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee !!!

[loud wailing heard]

"its okie ... daddy is here ... no worries ..."
its NOT ok !!! get me outta here !

"i will prescribe some cough mixture for him ... "
now he is trying to POISON ME !!!

"did you guys bring him out quite often ?"
"yeah ... we have been out on several occasions recently ..."
"better not go out for the rest of the week ... let him rest ..."
WHAT !!! now i am GROUNDED !!!!?!?!?!?!?
u old fart !!
iiiiiiiiiiii haaaaattttttteeeeeeee ccccchhhhhhhoooooooooo !!!

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Edison's Mum said...

First time reading your blog.. Very funny! Give me a good laugh on a boring Monday like this.. keep it up!