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Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Tristan Photoshoot

I know we neglected this blog for sometime, usual excuse, we were both very busy! Haha

Anyway, wanted to blog about his photoshoot on the day after the session but drag until now. I actually did all the collages very early but just couldn't find a proper time to do it as I was busy with my stuff during the hols.

We brought Baby Tristan for photoshoot at Foto-U because there was a promotion going on. The package was quite a good deal:

$120 for 1 hour shoot
unlimited number of shots
CD return to us
Three 8Rs
We had the shoot done on 13th June Friday. The first half an hour Baby Tristan was still enjoying himself, but the next half hour he was rather grouchy because he was tired already. Before the shoot actually ended, he fell asleep while complaining at the same time. It was an amusing sight. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we (I think is we) enjoyed it very much! =) Hoping for more...

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