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Monday, June 30, 2008

Counting down - 10 months old

I'm counting down to Tristan 10 months old ---6 more days---
So far, his achievements are:

-- calling 'papa' most of the time (yes! he looks at me and call papa, duhz! Actually I thought most baby learn to call 'mama' first, how wrong I am with my own baby)

-- crawling around like nobody's business

-- running in his walker (that's dangerous! I know I know...but it usually only happen when I play 'monster' with him)

-- eating our food (He will be super duper unhappy if we eat and do not let him try the food)

-- having 3 teeth pop out at the same time (still in progress, I know compare to other baby he is a bit slow in tooth growth, but as long as they grow; i'm happy)

-- clapping his hands when asked to

-- saying 'bye bye' occasionally

That's all for the moment, will update if I think of any...cheers!

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