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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the driving force

watching LTT grow up everyday is a feeling thats unfathomable. there were nites where i watch him sleep, his sleeping pose and his little movements juz warms my heart. frankly speaking, i wasnt really prepared for his arrival, neither was i anticipating all these little touching moments. but his appearance has complete this circle and added a driving force in my life to provide him and this family a better life.

now and then i will imagine how i was like when i was young. and many a times i will try to figure whats actually going thru his mind, and there were times where i can feel that he can sense it too and shy away asking me not to intrude into his little private bubble. LOL.

he is learning how to speak now. on and off he will add new words to his dictionary and will keep repeating the word to himself. every morning when he wakes up in his bed, he will recite all the words that he knows, trying his best to perfect the pronunciation. i enjoy the times lying beside him listening to his practice.

oh yah, we juz shaved his head ... again. and man how hard he cried during the whole ordeal. lol.

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