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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Little Tristan really melts my heart last night. Recently, he has been calling Ma Ma more frequently rather than Pa Pa.

Last night, we were both lying on my bed watching tv and he was sucking his pacifier as usual. Out of a sudden, he removed his pacifier and stared at me and called out "Maa... Maa". I frozed for a moment and started kissing and telling him how happy I was. He was smiling at me but refused to call me another time when I asked him to. I was thrilled by his action though.

I feel so blessed to have him. My wonderful baby!


Michelle said...

so nice.... i can't wait for bean to call me mama also...OI it's time for number 2!!

Saeran said...

Cute ne....Can really feel your happiness in having Tristan :)

Bryan+Nicole said...

Michelle > you mean its time for you to have number 2?! Heehee

Sharon > can start planning after your wedding in June. I'm so looking forward to it! Congrats once again!


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