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Saturday, June 6, 2009

3rd Year Anniversary - 060609

Today marks our 3rd year wedding anniversary! Time really flies...

Before I forgot, I need to write down for the past two years and this year, how did we spend our wedding anniversaries.

First year - 060607
We went Vivocity for shopping and had dinner at Fig & Olives. Dear bought me a diamond pendant and I bought him clothes from AX. I was 6+ months pregnant with Little Tristan at that time.

Second year - 060608
We went Hong Kong for holiday, just the two of us. We wanted to spend our wedding anniversary at The Peak, however due to weather forecast, we went on the 4th June instead. It was a wise choice as on the 6th June, it rain for the entire day and we just shop around and spend the day in shopping centres.

Third year - 060609 (today!)
We spend the afternoon at home and later brought Little Tristan to his Shichida class. After that, we left him at parents-in-laws' place and headed to Raffles City. We had dinner at Inagiku Restaurant at Fairmont Singapore Hotel. It is those high class Japanese restaurant but since dear has 'Feed at Raffles' card, we had 50% off our bill. We only spend 90+ bucks for the dinner. Quite worth it considering it is a high class restaurant. After the dinner, we went off to fetch Little Tristan home.

We have been married for 3 years now and Little Tristan is coming to 2 years old. He is our achievement as he is our seed of love.

More anniversaries to look forward to and more seeds of love too! =)


Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

Bryan+Nicole said...

Hey Sam, Thanks!