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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm thinking of sending Little Tristan to childcare soon. Reason being that I hope he can be more independent and learn more. I realise his speech development is a little slow for his age and he is pretty dependent on us to do a lot of things for him. I hope being in childcare, he can learn more things and be more independent.

I'm still contemplating and couldn't make a decision because he is currently taken care of by my parent-in-laws. I'm afraid they may have the wrong idea that I think they are not doing a good job. In fact, it is because they have done a good job which is why I'm still reluctant on the childcare arrangement.

The childcare that I'm thinking of sending him to is Agape Little Uni @ Tampines. It is not that cheap as the monthly fee is close to $500 after subsidy so the cost part is also another consideration. I'm going to check out the childcare centre soon and make a decision after that. Will update once I decide on what to do.


Edison's Mum said...

your new maid will be idling if you send Tristan to childcare wor... My PIL is also against childcare.. so I'm looking for kindergarten instead.. he can spend ~3 hours at school and the rest of the day with my PIL... I guess this is the best arrangement for me..

Anonymous said...

i agree with Emily.
Kindergarten might be better option. the child will get to bond with their grandparents whilst having the chance of learning independance. not forgetting mingling with other children of his age.

Michelle said...

Playschool. Not so much of childcare? I heard Learning Vision is not bad also.