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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daddy's away again

Daddy went Taiwan for business trip from 4th May 2009 (Monday) - 14th May 2009 (Thursday). We miss you a lot already. Little Tristan has been asking for Daddy these 2 days when he woke up in the morning. Every time, I will reply him that Papa went to work. I guess he more or less understands that point.

Each time dear went overseas, I have to take on major responsibility for the family. I had to juggle my life between family, work and boy. It is definitely not an easy task and I am lucky to have support from family members.

Anyway, Little Tristan has been growing well and good. He shows all his likes and dislikes through his reactions.
Likes = smiling, laughing or wanting something
Dislikes = crying or throwing tantrums
He has been such an adorable baby that all of us love him so much! (except when he is throwing tantrums...=D)

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