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Friday, July 3, 2009

BBQ+Fathers' Day Celebration - Pasir Ris Chalet

We celebrated Fathers' Day by having 3 days 2 nights chalet at Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris). We had a BBQ with my family on the first night and had lots of fun. Little Tristan was over-stimulated that he cried very badly for that night.

The next morning, Mum, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went for a stroll at the beach. We also let Little Tristan had his first taste of riding on a bicycle. He insisted riding upon seeing his Tongtong jiejie riding on it. So Mum and Tongtong had a hard time holding him and balancing the bicycle. It was quite amusing.

In the afternoon, parents-in-law brought Javier (Tristan's cousin) to the chalet and we went to Escape Theme Park. The children had a lot of fun but it was tiring for the adults as we had to run after them. They sat on a few rides suitable for their age and also drove motor cars. After that, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Downtown East.

We decided not to stay for the 2nd night at the chalet after the terrible crying experience. So we went home and it was a right decision as Little Tristan slept soundly for that night.

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