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Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day of Chilcare

Today is the first day of childcare for Little Tristan at Agape Little Uni. So how did he fair?

We woke up a little late and sent him there around 9.10 am. The children there were already singing National Anthem as assembly started at 9 am. I went in with him and stayed there for about 1 hour. During that hour, he tried to walk around to familiarize himself and played with the toys there.
(Don't you think he looks cute in his green uniform? I find him so adorable! =) By the way, green is his favourite colour!)

After seeing that he is slowly adapting to the environment, I spoke to him that I had to leave for a while. I left him there with his teacher and went off for breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop with dear.

We went to peek at Little Tristan around 11.15 am and the teacher told us that he was looking for me after I left and he had been crying since then. My poor boy! So dear had to go into the classroom to comfort and assure him. He calmed down and had his lunch with his classmates around 11.30 am. He tried to self-feed upon seeing other children self-feeding. It was an amusing sight. I guess this is call peer pressure. Haha! Even though he still needed his teacher’s help most of the time, we felt that it was good progress for him already.

After his lunch, he took his bath with the help of teacher and me. He was quite cooperative during the bathing session; I believe it was because I was around. When we told him that he was leaving, he was very happy and said good-bye to everyone. Then we left the childcare centre.

Hopefully, tomorrow Little Tristan will adapt better and stay slightly longer at the childcare centre. My aim is to fetch him home after the afternoon nap which is around 3 pm. Keeping my fingers, toes and hair cross! Pray hard! Heh...


Edison's Mum said...

Haiz... Personally, I don't like childcare.. probably its due to my previous bad experience with infant care.. I think I'll be the one crying if I were to send Edison to childcare.. haha! No kidding, I will cry...

Let's hope Tristan will adapt to school quickly, make new friends and enjoy himself at school...

Bryan+Nicole said...

Emily, can understand how you feel since you had bad experience before.

Thanks for your wishes. Tristan made improvement today for his 2nd day. Will update later if I have the time.