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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moments like these ...

there are times in life when we encounter certain moments that are simply unfathomable. as with LTT : the moment he first came to this world, the first time he look me in the eye and called me "papa", his first baby step on his own and ....... today, his first day of school!

its the first time i can experience how my mum felt when she accompanied me to my first day in school. i was even more excited than him when we were there. standing by the classroom's window looking at him, cheering and encouraging him, assuring him that everything is ok, marking every potential bully, scheming on how i will reciprocate whatever foul plays the kid will do to LTT back to his/her parents ...

there were a few occasions when i saw this b*****d walked up to LTT and push him + hit him on his head (I dunno about LTT, but i HATE anyone who hits my head) and thoughts of revenge start brewing in my mind. thinking on how i would love to tie that b*****d to the legs of a table, pour honey all over him and put him under an ants-infested tree. muahahhahahahahha
think i should go undercover and get a "cleaning" job at the child care center to take care of pests that may grow up and threatens the safety of the society.

anyway ...... parents, do try to accompany ur kid to their first day in school, childcare or whatever classes, its a kind of experience that you will regret if you were to ever miss it.

LTT's first day of school ? == I'M LOVING IT ==

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