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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Cereal Episode

I attempted to feed Little Tristan cereal on 21st Jan, Monday. It was actually not my first attempt in feeding him semi-solid food. However, this time round, he took it quite well and try to eat a bit. The first time I gave him Heinz rice cereal but it was quite tasteless so he didn't really like it and keep spitting it out. This time I got some sample from the PD and it's Nestle apple and cranberry cereal. It actually taste quite nice, (I tried it myself also...heehee!) thats why he enjoyed it more!

I fed him with him sitting on his bumbo seat, but after say 5 mins or so, he got frustrated and wanted to get out of it. Naughty naughty! So I had to carry him and feed him at the same time. After the whole 'ordeal', my hand ache! Luckily, when I tried feeding him again yesterday, dear helped with the carrying after the little rascal got pissed off with his bumbo seat again. Anyway, we got him a high chair and hope he will enjoy more sitting in his high chair.

See how he enjoyed his cereal and his pure innocent funny! I can't stop laughing at the pictures myself...HAHAHA!

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