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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dedicated to 干妈阿姨 (and my family)

This entry is specially dedicated to Little Tristan's godma, who is my 2nd sister (+also dedicated to my family). She prefers Little Tristan to affectionately call her 干妈阿姨. Rather innovative eh...guess my family just have weird ideas when it comes to how little kids address us. As for me, I asked my two nieces, Adelle and Tongtong to address me as 阿运姐姐阿姨妈咪, quite a mouthful! In fact, they are rather reluctant at first but now we are just so used to it! Haha! =)

Anyway, back to Little Tristan's 干妈阿姨. She took great care of him when I went Tokyo in Dec last year. She went over to my parents' place either in the morning or night to take care of Little Tristan and make sure that everything is ok. Really grateful to her! Of course not forgetting my mum who also put in a lot of effort in taking care of Little Tristan. She actually slept with him throughout my trip, while my poor Dad had to sleep alone! My other family members also helped out in one way or another. I appreciated it very much! It's because of them that I felt more at eased during my trip. Thanks to my family, if anyone of you happened to read this post! Cheers! =)

Enjoy the video...

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Gan ma ah yi said...

Wow! Thanks for dedicating that page to me! Really love it! Especially the video with my godson's chuckle! Can view it whenever i miss him! He is soooo cute and adorable! He is really my favourite godson and nephew!!! Love him so so much!!!