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Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Tristan Full Month Celebration

We celebrated Tristan's full month on the 29th September, Saturday. Yah, I know its not even his full month yet. We celebrated almost 1 week earlier because his actual full month fall on a weekday and we predicted that a lot of people will not be able to attend.

We spilt the celebration into afternoon and night; afternoon is for relatives and night is for friends. I'm glad that the turnout was fantastic! Many of my relatives turn up even though they stayed in the west while I'm like the only one who stayed in the east. Really 给面子 and I appreciate it very much! A lot of our friends turned up as well! It was a great celebration with Bryan and his gang ending the night with lots of drinking! However, by night time, our little star was super cranky but luckily I managed to coax him to sleep! heehee =)

*Sidenote: Shan and Jovie bought a cake for me to celebrate my birthday which falls on the next day. But too bad, Jovie left early so she was not around when the rests celebrated for me. Nonetheless, it was still wonderful with cousins like them.*

I spent half of the afternoon doing up all the tiring! But its worth it!

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