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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Fever Espisode

Little Tristan was down with fever on 21st Jan, Monday after his 5-in-1 jab and rotavirus vaccination. He was still ok in the afternoon but by evening time, his fever has gone up to 37.9°C. I was pretty worried because if it went further up, then we would have to bring him to a doc. In the end, dear went downstair to buy the "Super Cool Baby Cooling Gel Sheet" before going for his tennis session.

I pasted the gel sheet on Tristan's forehead and thought he looked rather cute with it (bad mama! can even think he is cute when he is sick!). However, looking back at the pictures I took, he looked restless and weak, so poor thing! The highest his fever went up to was 38°C which was pretty bad. Luckily, it went down slowly. The entire night, me and dear keep waking up to check whether Little Tristan was ok. I realised that when baby is sick, the parents suffered even more in terms of mentally and physically. =(

See all the pictures, he looked so sad and his lips is super poor baby!

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