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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mummies 真伟大

i think mummies are great. they really goes thru alot of shit in order to deliver the joy bundle. puffer fish figure lah, roti prata face lah, crater face texture lah, elephant bums lah, thunder thighs lah, needle riddled back lah ... all these are one of the few facelifts that they have to go thru. not forgetting the pain of labour and putting their lives on the line in the delivery suite. so salute to all mummies.

am not undermining the hardships of daddies, we go thru insane shit sometimes.
"dear... i miss the boon lay nasi lemak leh .... " /faint
" i still crave for nasi lemak leh ... " (wah piangz, 2 wks in a row)

1 comment:

Єwey said...

Jin: see la.. u bring our nic so far away. :p Have to travel back to buy nasi lemak... quite poor thing loh.

Nic: u shd have done more of the tuas raffles country club chicken wings, boon lay nasi lemak, yuan ching vegeterian bee hoon etc... :p