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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

11 months as of 5th August 2008, Tuesday

Tristan is officially 11 months as of today! Yipee! I'm so happy. 1 more month and he will be 1 year old. In the past, when others celebrated their baby 1 year old, I will always think that the baby is an 'old baby' already. However, looking at my own Little Tristan, I can't help but think he is still so babyish.

Yesterday night was an amazing night. He looked at me and utter the word 'mama' softly because he wanted me to carry him from his cot. It really melts my heart. I tried to make him say it again but he simply refused. Nonetheless, it was really a feeling that is beyond description.

I'm now anxiously counting down to 5th September to celebrate his 1 year old. Cheers! =)

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