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Saturday, August 16, 2008

my blabbering

actually, i am quite apprehensive about penning down this entry. i mean i would very much like to keep this portal dedicated to my little terror. but ... before i get back my old bloggy, i shall temporarily park this entry here. Thus, apologies to all terror tristan avid fans out there hoping to see more updates about him.

these few months has been a rough ride for me, lotsa things happened and mostly, i am busy cleaning shit that were left behind by ppl.

i am often caught unaware of impromptu situation when ppl made decisions w/o telling me and come running to me when shit happens and expect me to react. my way of doing things is to analyze every single possible alternatives, their possible outcomes, and the relevant solutions to them. i like to have an overview of the current situation and whatever that may happen in the future. On the contrary, very often, decisions were made w/o my knowledge and i happen to be the last one to find out when things go astray. Then ppl come breathing down my neck expecting me to react in the fastest time possible. i dun like to make rash decisions w/o thinking thru all the possible repercussions, thus, often when i am caught unprepared, i am very reluctant to make any decisions, even if i do, i wont feel secure about it.

i mean sometimes, with the panic button pressed, i can understand its difficult to get things done, think about solutions, answering bugging interrogations and communicate with every appointment holders at the same time. sometimes, its good that one have the initiative to directly contact key ppl (which is suppose to be my job) to get response. but, the least you can do is to let me know of every internal decisions that you have made so that i can be more prepared about it. u dun make decisions liao, when things go out of control, u start calling me and ask me to call them instead and pressure me every few minutes for a response while not letting me know about those plans or decisions which were made earlier.

in short, if it falls within my jurisdiction, let me have the control, or the very least, update me of the most current plan. i would have been in a better situation many a times if i were not caught unexpected due to the fact that decisions were ammended without my knowledge.

to summarize this entry using another genre,

(if you cant KITE the ADDS or HOLD THE AGGRO properly, control ur DPS and stay on ur MA. if you expect me to solve problems within this AOE, let me have a good LOS. if not, dun expect any effective CC when there are any HATE issues, ADDS or DPS overdose. GG.)

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