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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up updates

The outcome of our first family movie: SUCCESS

I wanted to update about the movie outcome last Tuesday. However, Tristan was down with very bad cough the next few days and I had to take care of him so no time for blog. This is the movie that we watched: UP

It is an interesting and entertaining show. But to be honest, I was way too excited to concentrate on the show cause of the fact that it is our first time to bring Little Tristan to the theatre.

The evening started off with me fetching Little Tristan from childcare while dear went for an important meeting. I brought him to T.Mall Ajisen for dinner, one of Little Tristan's favourite ramen. Luckily, throughout the dinner, he did not fuss too much and I managed to feed him rather peacefully. Dear joined us for dinner but we had to rush through it cause we were a little late for the movie already.

We quickly make our way to Century for the show. As I mentioned, we choose the last row, centre column side seats all ready to make our way out if he refused to cooperate. However, Little Tristan was very well-behaved throughout the show! He did not whine or make any noise at all. (I guess partly was because he was tired...heh) He seems to be enjoying the show even though at certain moment he almost fell asleep but he forced himself to keep awake. He was such a sweetie!

We finished watching the show and really enjoyed the night. It was such a wonderful feeling to watch movie as a family.

More movies for Little Tristan! =)


Michelle said...

YAYYY congrats!! So clever Tristan! Can see the shichida paying off. His concentration level getting very high! Most kids cannot sit in a movie until they are about 4 years old.

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
Congrats! Well done, Tristan. Maybe I should give it a try too.. kekeke..

If I bring his smelly pillow and pacifier along, I think there is a chance that I can finish the movie.. haha!