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Monday, August 3, 2009


for nearly 2 years, we have always wanted to name our second son ASHTON. and even thru shits that we went thru, we never gave up. there was once a tot that flashed across my mind, the shit that we went thru, is it becos ashton wasnt a name that is auspicious enough ? even tho i know deep down this is juz an excuse to push the blame, a scapegoat for all the mishaps juz to make me feel better. but i juz cant help feeling so. i have tried thinking of other names but whenever i compared it to the name ASHTON, i juz feel that ashton is so much .... closer. maybe its becos of all the shit that we have gone thru, that makes it even more precious, maybe .......

we still have lotsa time to think it thru tho .... heh

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Michelle said...

I don't believe in auspicious or inauspicious names. I believe in giving your child the name that is worthy of him. If you've had Ashton in your head for 2 years, why settle for second best? Didn't it occur to you it's destined to be Ashton and not Ashley?