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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy's away

Daddy is away again for 1.5 weeks. We are on our own but surviving well so far. Luckily I have the support from both of our families, if not seriously I don't know how to cope. It is such a blessing to have these support anytime I need. I have seen family without it and it is so hard causing stress on the wife or hubby.

Though this is not the first time dear travels, but we still miss him a lot. We try to webcam every night so that Little Tristan gets to see his daddy. It always put a smile on both their faces when they see each other. So blissful! Little Tristan will get all excited upon seeing daddy. He also learned that whenever daddy is 'in the computer', it means daddy is working. He will go "Daddy work" as and when he thinks of dear.

For us, I guess 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' is true. It kind of like strength our relationship and make us appreciate and love each other more. We will also miss each other a lot and argue or quarrel less whenever he just come back from his trip. But given a choice, I rather he travel less often. Heh =)

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