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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Time - Up

Later in the evening, we are bringing Little Tristan to watch the movie *Up*. This is the first time we are bringing him to the theatre, we wonder how he will behave. We bought the centre, last row corner seats. All ready to leave the cinema easily if he refused to stay through the movie.

I feel excited and yet apprehensive on how he will behave later. Let's pray that he will enjoy the movie and be able to stay through the show. If not, we wasted 15 bucks just to see how he behave in a cinema. Worth it?

Shall blog later on how it turn out to be. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

very brave!!!! hw's the outcome? tristan kwai kwai or not? we only went for movies with gor gor, missy usu gets to stay at home. so kelian, we wonder when is the "right" time to bring her...

Bryan+Nicole said...

Sam, you can read about the outcome. Just updated only! Now it is time you bring missy with you for future movie outing!