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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you!

After reading the posts by me and dear, a number of friends were very concern about us. They either drop a message in our blog or msn and even sms me and ask me how things are. I really appreciate all these concerns.

~Thank you!~

We are fine and coping well. Both of us know that things will turn out fine eventually. In any case, I believe that when you are at the bottom of a pit, the only way is to climb up. So things will start to brighten up and most importantly, life goes on no matter what happened.

Moreover, we have the support of our family so that help us a lot. They have provided us with all the help and strength for us to go through this period of time.

We are strong and things will be fine! Cheers! We love Little Tristan and miss him a lot. =)

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