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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 months old!

I just realise a while ago when I'm updating the blog that today marks the day that Little Tristan is 20 months old = 1 year & 8 months old! Gosh, he is such a big boy already but I still feel that he is a baby to me. I can't imagine people telling me that he is consider a toddler cause in my heart he is still such a baby in everything. He is still having this babyish look and don't look like a toddler at all.

At 20 months old, Little Tristan can call most of his close ones and enjoy walking on his own.
- He loves to watch variety shows and his songs dvd.
- He is eating 2 main meals + 2 to 3 feed of milk per day.
- He enjoys cuddling with me and dear and is currently sleeping on our bed at night.
- His favourite animals are fish, bird and dog.
- His favourite dish is fish.
- His favourite colour is green. (yiks, Daddy hates this ironical! :p)
- His favourite parent is Daddy. (don't worry, i'm not jealous)
- He loves flash cards.

The lists just goes on...too many for me to name. Cheers! =)

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