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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1 - Daddy's not home

Today is Day 1 that dear is not in Singapore. He went China for business trip again. Actually he goes overseas for business trip very often but for this time round, I'm trying to blog Little Tristan's daily activites so that he can know his progress.

After I came back from work, Little Tristan had just finished his porridge. I played with him for a while and he was tired already because he did not take his nap since morning he woke up at 8+ am. So around 2+ pm, he fell asleep and slept all the way till about 5 pm. I fed him cereal when he woke up, not a lot though but I managed to coax him to finish it. Tough job! I fed him apple and grapes too as dessert. Then it's more play time and bits of reading time for him.

I bathe him around 7.45 pm and then off to my room to read some story books and to coax him to sleep. I fed him milk around 8+ pm but he simply refused to sleep after that. Toss and turn around my entire bed and he rolled off the bed! I had a shock! Luckily, he rolled off together with the bolster so that act as a cushion for him. No damage done. Phew! More toss and turn and he finally fell asleep around 9+pm. Another tough job!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier to coax him to sleep. Haha! That's what I wished for everyday. To be honest, our Little Tristan is already very obedient that I don't have to carry him to sleep every night (how to carry? 12 kg?!). He will just toss and turn for some time and fell asleep on his own. He is our wonderful baby! =)

P.S: Dear+Daddy we miss you!

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