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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 - Daddy's not home

Today's afternoon activities were pretty much the same as Day 1. However, Little Tristan ate 2 meals of porridge today! I'm trying to feed him more porridge as he grows older because doc advised me to feed him less milk once he turns 2. So I'm trying to make him get use to eating more solid food.

As night falls, the same routine too. Bathe around 7.45 pm and milk at around 8.45 pm. Little Tristan fell asleep at around 9.20 pm and quite fuss free. I thought my prayers were answered! Guess what, when I put him in his bed and wanted to webcam with his godma, he woke up. I don't know if it's due to the noise or he woke up because he knows she missed him a lot. So there, we chat for about 30 minutes with her playing with her godson in between.

After that, I accompanied him to sleep on my bed. He fell asleep quite fast so I put him in his own bed again. As I was walking towards my computer, he woke up. No choice, I have to put him back on my bed and accompanied him again. This time after some coaxing then he fell asleep. I decided to let him sleep slightly longer on my bed first because I don't want to take another risk. At this moment, he seems to be sleeping pretty soundly. I will transfer him to his bed in a while. Pray hard that this time round he can continue with his sleep. I'm sure he will. Cheers!

P.S: Daddy, We miss you x 2!

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