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Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 4 - Daddy's not home

Today's afternoon is the pretty much the same as before. I played with Little Tristan in the afternoon. However, in the evening, we started to prepare our stuffs to bring to my parent's place because we are going to stay over for the weekends.

We went to Little Red House at East Coast Seafood Centre for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Little Tristan had fun because there are many people who played with him there. We went back to my parent's place after that.

Oh yah, as for Little Tristan diarrhoea, he pooed pooed 3 times today and his poop looks much better. He is on the recovery track!

Another bad night though! He was as cranky as the night before. I guess more teeth is coming out and with his tummy upset, he feels super uncomfortable.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 4!

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