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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3 - Daddy's not home

I went out in the afternoon so Little Tristan went over to his grandparents' place. When I went there for dinner, mother-in-law told me that Little Tristan has diarrhoea. He poo poo 5 times today. Furthermore, on the left side of his little tummy, there was a ten cent coin blueblack with a mini bump underneath the blueblack (I knew about this blueblack when I was bathing him the night before). I was pretty worried and mother-in-law said it's better to bring him to see a doctor.

After dinner, I brought him to see the doc. He said that the blueblack should not be something to be alarm about, the bump could be due to some blood vessel burst. As for how did the blueblack came about, it could be due to a knock or someone pinch him (who who?!?!). For his diarrhoea, doc did not comment much, just say let him drink lots of water and watch his diet then he should be alright. 2 types of medications and $37 bucks gone. Hopefully he recovers soon!

Little Tristan was pretty cranky for the entire night. He refused to sleep at 9+ pm. I played with him and coaxed him but he still refused to sleep. The worst is when he starts crying...he just screamed and cried for the entire night. He will stop for a while to rest and then continue crying again. It lasted until about 11+ pm to 12 am. By then, he cried so much that he was so tired and fell asleep. But that's not all! In between the night, he work up a few times to cry. I had to wake up and coaxed him back to sleep. He was tired but I was equally exhausted. I think his tummy is giving him problem and he was super uncomfortable which leads to all these crying.

How I wish dear is around for nights like these. It's really hard to manage alone and it really test my patience to the max. Hope Little Tristan recovers soon and we have a peaceful night tomorrow.

P.S: Daddy, I'm not feeling well! We need you and miss you x 3!


Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
So sorry to hear that Tristan is unwell. I hope he will recover real soon.

In the meantime, pls take good care of him. If you need any help, you can always buzz me. Okie? :)


Bryan&Nicole said...

Hey Emily,

Thanks for your concern! Now he recovers from diarrhoea but down with flu...

Really hope he can fully recover from all these!