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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sentosa UnderWater World

We brought Little Tristan to Sentosa UnderWater World on 9th October 2008, Thursday. It was our 'first' family outing to places of interest and was without maid; just the three of us. I beco him almost for the entire outing and at the end, my shoulder was quite painful. It was really no joke to beco this little boy who is around 12 kg. Hehe! We chose UnderWater World because Little Tristan loves fishes!

We went to Vivocity foodcourt for lunch first and bought our tickets from the ticketing counter there. Then we drove in to Sentosa and park at the Beach carpark. Next, we took the beach tram to reach UnderWater World. By then, Little Tristan was due for his afternoon nap and he was super restless. However, once we stepped into UnderWater World and told him to look at all the beautiful fishes in the aquarium, he brightened up almost immediately. Though he was tired but we can see that he forced himself to stay awake to look at his favourite fishes. He enjoyed himself very much and of course both of us too. As long as he is happy, we are happy too! Little Tristan fell asleep soon after we left UnderWater World. Guess he already exhausted all his energy in staying awake for his fishes.

After that, we had our dinner at a restaurant called "Tastes of Singapore (Beach Station)". It was just some foodcourt kind of food but at 4x the prices compared to foodcourt. We found that it was not worth it. Anyway, it was our fault too, we actually wanted to go "Ami's Restaurant" but we went into the wrong restaurant. (The two restaurants were beside each other) Haha! So blur of us.

After dinner, we went to watch "Song of Sea". While waiting for the show to start, Little Tristan finally woke up. We played with him for a while and gave him his favourite rabbit biscuits. The "Song of Sea" was really nice and more worth the money as compared to UnderWater World which I thought was over-priced. Little Tristan enjoyed the show even though at some part he was quite scared cause of the loud sound.

Overall, everyone of us enjoyed the outing very much even though it cost us close to 100 bucks for all the entrance fees+meals. I was still telling dear that we should organise another outing soon. Our conclusion; yes, we will and it shall probably be Zoo or Botanic Garden. Yeah! More fun coming up!

Some photos to share with you all...
Look at how happy Little Tristan was...

**Home Sweet Home**

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