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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 5 - Daddy's not home

When I woke up today, I saw Little Tristan with two strings of mucus down his nose. He was still playing and behaving normally so I thought it was not serious and just some morning mucus. I brought him to his Shichida class as usual. He was behaving very well during class today even with his mucus coming out occasionally. Well done, baby!

We went home straight after class and by evening, his strings of mucus just keep flowing out. This is Bad! He is down with flu again! Arggggggggg! He just recovered from flu not too long ago. It was flu then diarrhoea then now flu again! My poor boy! We had no medication with us except his diarrhoea medicine which he does not need as he had recovered from diarrhoea.

He refused to sleep at night and wanted his po po and me to play with him. We tried to coax him to sleep instead but he cried and screamed for the entire night just like a few nights ago. It lasted from 8+ till 11+ pm and he was so tired by then that he finally fell asleep after I cuddle him and carried him for hours. It was a horrible night! But that was not the end of it! In the middle of the night, he woke up many times and even developed a fever. I couldn't sleep well for the night and keep waking up because of his cries.

I'm going crazy soon if this is going to continue. I really hope he gets better soon.

His daddy is going to extend his stay till 11th November, Tuesday. Sob!

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 5! Come back fast, I am very uncomfortable! Boohoo!

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