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Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 14 - Daddy's not home

Dear is finally coming back tomorrow morning and we will go to the airport to fetch him. We love to bring Little Tristan to the airport because there are a lot of open space for him to roam around. We can see that he loves to go there too! The previous time we brought him there was when we sent his Daddy off. He had a great time making me walked around with him as that time he still need support in walking. I guess tomorrow morning, while in his dreamy state, he will be happy roaming around.

I have fully recovered from my illness but Little Tristan is still having cough. I'm considering bringing him to see doc again tomorrow, will discuss with dear again. And yeah, finally you are coming back! We both miss you so much!

Here's a photo of Little Tristan wearing a romper which my third sister bought for him when she went Hong Kong for holiday some time back. The word on the romper reads "Don't bug me!". It is a very cute romper and see Little Tristan with a 'good-boy' look in it.

P.S: We miss you x 14! Yeah Yeah! Daddy, you are finally coming back! =p

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