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Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 11 - Daddy's not home

It's finally Friday! 4 more days and dear will be back! Little Tristan and I really miss Daddy a lot. When we webcam, I can see that Little Tristan has that longing look and always wonder why Daddy is inside the computer and not out playing with him. He is always so sticky to Daddy when Daddy is in Singapore even though he has been travelling so often for the past few months. It is the bond between them.

Oh, thanks to everyone who asked about Little Tristan! He is much better already. I finally can have a good rest after all the torture for the past few days. And, yes, I'm feeling better too! Thanks all! Hope dear will recover soon too!

Here is a cute photo of Little Tristan:
P.S: Daddy, I misssssssss you x 11! We love you!

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