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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 6 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan's flu is getting worse. Yesterday, his mucus was clear but today it became yellowish and greenish. Initially, I wanted to head home earlier so that I can give him his medication.

Due to circumstances, I had to visit his great-grandpa who is in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I brought him along with me but he did not go into the hospital because we felt that it is not a good idea to bring him in. I rotated with my mum to take care of Little Tristan and to see my grandpa. Little Tristan's great-grandpa's health is not on the bright side but we really hope he gets well and is able to go home soon.

As for Little Tristan, his flu and his on and off fever is making him super cranky and uncomfortable. After dinner at my parent's place, we quickly head home together with my mum. She is going to help me look after Little Tristan for 2 days while I am at work. We fed him medicine but he is still as uncomfortable and cranky. My poor baby!

My dear boy boy, mummy hope you recover soon! Mummy loves you and is heartpain to see you suffer.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 6! I hate flu! Sob!


Anonymous said...


Hope Tristan gets well soon...
u take care too!


Bryan+Nicole said...

poor babies, daddy also sick, ah boy must be strong and get well soon, daddy is fighting the war together with you ! love and misses

Bryan+Nicole said...

Hi Darmae/Sam,

Thanks for your concern!

Yah, I hope he fully recovers soon! He has been sick on and off recently.