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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 12 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan was very well-behaved in class today. He paid attention most of the time and was able to sit on his chair for the entire session. He is making improvement every lesson. Well done, boy! However, I discovered something, I think he does not like to do colouring. When he was given the crayon to colour a strawberry, he threw away the crayon! I really wonder what is the problem; he dislikes colouring; he dislikes the colour purple; or he don't know what is it all about? Anyway, we will know the answer as he grows older.

We went to my parents' place after Little Tristan's Shichida class. Initially, he was very shy and seems to be unfamiliar with the places, his cousins, Adelle and Tongtong and his godma. After a while, he got used to them and his environment. Then he started walking around and playing with them. I took a video and shall upload on one of the days.

We went Swensen for dinner with my sister, Leona (Little Tristan's godma), Adelle, Tongtong and of course, Little Tristan. The purpose was to celebrate Adelle's birthday. We had fun eating the ice-cream and Little Tristan was also having fun eating whatever we are eating. We avoided giving him the ice-cream due to his cough but he kept making the 'eek eek' sound wanting us to give him. It was an interesting sight. Little Tristan also had fun walking around the Plaza.

P.S: Daddy, Mummy and I miss you a lot x 12!

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