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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 9 - Daddy's not home

I had a shock this morning when I woke up. I was awaken by some 'bang', 'bang' sound. Little Tristan was using the alarm clock and banging it on the dvd player. He had climbed out of my bed safely (I hope so!) and was standing there creating some sound to wake his dear mummy up! I was shocked and amazed by what he did. He was sleeping on my bed for the past few days because he was cranky and it was easier for me to coax or carry him in the middle of the night when he woke up.

However, after this incident, I decided, it's better for him to sleep in his own bed. Who knows what will happen on other days if I were to continue putting him on my bed. He is getting cleverer each day. I'm not surprised if he were to open the sliding door and walk/crawl to the living room on one of the days. He is at this stage where he is imitating whatever that I'm doing. So nowadays, I had to be careful of what I do at home. Just the other day, I pressed the ON button of the dvd player in front of him and gosh! He has been pressing the ON button for the past few days on his own. Dear, I think we have to replace with a new dvd player soon. Haha!

Thanks to all those who show concern about his illness! He is feeling much better today. His running nose is slightly better and his cough has improved also! I think he should recover soon with his medication. As for me, I'm also better by eating lots of panadol. =)

Little Tristan is 14 months as of today! Time flies yeah!
He can:
1) walk on his own for a short distance
2) call mama and papa and popo and ah ma
3) know where his tummy tummy is
4) clap very enthusiatically
5) throw tantrum (best!)
6) on and off the fan and tv (recently, dvd player too!)
7) beat mummy when he is unhappy (I don't know why, guess he loves to bully me! =( )
8) lots of other things that mummy is too lazy to list.......

P.S: Daddy, we miss you x 9! I'm feeling slightly better! Come back fast fast!


Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,

Haha! Little Edison prefers to bully our maid.. naughty boy really..


Bryan+Nicole said...

Hi Emily,

These kids ah...they bully those that they think can be bullied! But I' m quite fierce to Little Tristan leh...hmm