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Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 7 - Daddy's not home

Last night was slightly more peaceful than the previous few nights. Little Tristan still woke up a few times feeling uneasy and needed some coaxing but the difference is at least he don't wail or scream while in a sleeping state. I still did not get my proper night sleep and was feeling super lethargic at work today.

After work, I went NTUC to get some grocery. Then rush home to see how Little Tristan is. He is still having his flu but it is no longer the watery, colourless kind. Now it had evolve to the greenish and yellowish type. He is still as cranky just like the past few days. He even hurt himself around the chin area because of a knock against the table.

I guess taking care of him and with no proper night sleep is taking a toil on me. I can feel the flu bug is creeping on me and the body ache that comes with it. My nose is like a running tap now. I popped a few flu medicine and hope that I get better tomorrow. I don't want to fall sick! I need to be strong for my boy!

I don't think I sound very coherent now. This entry don't seem to link properly. I think I need to rest now.

P.S: Daddy, I miss you x 7! I'm still sick!


Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
Do take good care of yourself too. Drink more water and take a good rest. Daddy still haven't come back from business trip?


Bryan+Nicole said...

Hi Emily,

Thanks so much for your concern! I'm trying to drink lots of water and popping lots of panadol for cold.
Yah, daddy not back week.