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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 13 - Daddy's not home

Little Tristan woke up very early in the morning around 7+ am so my parents brought him along for their morning breakfast. I heard from my mum that he had fun walking around in the supermarket. They came back around 9+ am.

Then at 10+ am, my mum, Leona, Adelle, Tongtong, Little Tristan and I went to Macdonalds for breakfast. We wanted to see how much Little Tristan will enjoy himself but guess what, he fell asleep on the journey there and slept throughout while we were having our meals. I carried him on one hand and ate my breakfast using the other hand. I'm pretty good in doing things using one hand after I had him. Heh!

Little Tristan only woke up after we left Mac. Haha, so much for all the fun at Macdonalds. He missed out all that. We went back to my parents' place after that and lazed around there for the entire afternoon. We went home after our dinner and Little Tristan was pretty tired and he fell asleep around 9 pm.

P.S: Daddy, we misssssss youuuuu x 13! Love you tooooo!

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